Instagram is updated with important news — 2022

Instagram It adds very interesting novelties that most of its users can already enjoy, where the most outstanding without a doubt, is the possibility of making multiple video calls.

The Facebook-owned application continues to grow at a fairly high rate, so providing it with improvements for its use at the level of instant messaging , is a great success. Although Instagram is not designed for this, the truth is that more and more users are using the most popular instant application on the market to have private conversations.

It must be recognized that Instagram is growing at a very fast pace, where the number of users who use it every day is also increasing. Facebook He made a good purchase in his day, where he has been able to take advantage of it to make the investment profitable in a very short time.

What's new on Instagram

As we mentioned at the beginning, Instagram comes with another series of news very interesting, specifically:

  • New explore channel
  • New camera effects
  • Group video calls

With the redesign of explore , we have the opportunity to see new images depending on the channel we visit. We have at our disposal For you, Humor, Music, Television and science, Food, Style, Sports... All this to make it easier for us to find images and videos with a specific theme.

The new camera effects incorporate a batch of effects designed by Ariana Grande , Buzzfeed, Liza Koshy, Baby Ariel and NBA. All these effects are already available to all users, where we simply have to open the photo camera and select the effect that we like the most.

As for video calls, you may not have it active yet, since the company announced that would be activated progressively during the next few days. We have already tested it and it is really easy to use. The video format has several combinations, depending on the people participating in the video call.

Undoubtedly, these novelties of Instagram will be very well received by users who use it actively, video calls being one of the news most demanded.

What do you think of these Instagram news? Have you tried video calls?