In five years we will have Macs with ARM processors and the famous Apple car (according to Kuo) — 2022

Ming-Chi Kuo wanted to express the plans of apple future . Kuo is a well-known analyst who usually makes predictions with an acceptable degree of accuracy. A few days ago he dared with the new iPhones that we will see in 2019, so we have had an intense week of rumors from this man.

Kuo usually comes very high when throwing his predictions . It is true that on dates it does not usually have such a high level of hits, something that is more difficult to predict, even if you have close contacts to the purposes of Californians (for example, an assembly line).

On this occasion, he catches a glimpse of the Macs and the famous Californian car, about which it was rumored that the Project Titan would not go ahead for various reasons and pivoting towards specific software that would be sold to the big motor vehicle brands.

Simulated model of Apple Car.

Simulated model of Apple Car.

If we talk about Apple Car , surely we will think that this idea is already part of the past because of the news we have had about it, but for Kuo this is not the case. The project is more alive than ever and we will be able to see it in a very short time. Give a maximum period of 5 years for Apple to present its proposal to the world.

With the Macs, he has also had time to shed some light on the incorporation of the ARM architecture by TSMC in two or three years at the most. TSMC has become a trusted company for Californians.

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