Imminent? The new iMacs could be available soon — 2022

That the iMac has a new design was the wish of many for years, but it seems that in 2021 it will already be a reality. And it would also do so with very outstanding internal novelties that would place it as one of the best desktops on the market. However, its launch has been unknown until now, but based on the indications that Apple has been leaving patents and information from analysts such as Jon Prosser, we can already know that it could be launched at any time.

iMac 2021 launching (or not) this month

Last weekend we were surprised to see how the iMac Pro no longer allowed to add any additional component configuration to the one that Apple itself allows, also leaving a clear message that it will only be sold while stocks last. The fact that in some countries it has even been discontinued recently is one more sign that adds to the idea that the next iMac will leave aside a 'Pro' model that was very necessary at the time, but that today is not It has a place in what will be the brand's computer campus.

To this we add the latest information given by Jon Prosser, who already revealed a few weeks ago the possible design of these teams thanks to some renders. The analyst commented in his latest video that these iMacs are already ready for release, to which he adds the idea that the Californian company will hold an event on March 23 in which it will announce this and other products.

iMac 2021 concept

Prosser's information does not seem unreasonable and it must be emphasized that it has a very high percentage of success (78.2%). However, there is another well-known analyst in the sector, Mark Gurman, who has an even higher percentage of 89.1% and who stated several weeks ago that we will not see an iMac in the coming months, suggesting that he would leave by the end of the year. . A new fight between two gurus who fight to be the reference in Apple leaks. Who will get it right this time?

The main features that would

Beyond when the new iMac is launched, it seems that there are a number of features that are not questioned and that are practically taken for granted in the absence of official confirmation by Apple. The new design is the main, what could bring new sizes to replace the current 21.5 and 27-inch ones. To this would be added the Apple Silicon processor with ARM architecture. It is not known exactly if it will be the existing M1, an improved version of it or if both possibilities are even added during the configuration when buying them.

Although it has not been specified in which mode, it is said that the iMacs would also have improvements in their graphics and that they would mount better RAM, something that will be very important to see if we take into account that due to the design of the processor they do not need as much capacity as we have seen. on the M1s. To this would be added the Fusion Drive removal , leaving only the SSD storage, although it remains to be seen if the degradation problems that are being reported in the latest MacBooks improve.

We will have to open our eyes wide in these coming days and weeks if it turns out that Prosser is right and we see the long-awaited announcement of these iMacs. If not, we will continue to be equally attentive to any report that glimpses its actual release date, as well as other news that has not been leaked at the moment.