Great offer of the iMac M1 on Amazon! — 2022

One of the most iconic devices within Apple is the iMac, in fact it is one of the devices that every lover of the apple brand dreams of having one day. Well, this can be a great opportunity, since Amazon has a very interesting discount that all those who are hesitating to buy it cannot miss. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

Discounted iMac M1

The purchase of an iMac is always something that must be valued and meditated very well, since, naturally, they are not very cheap equipment, therefore, when spending so much money, the decision must be very clear. However, there are times when opportunities must be seized and this is one of them. The Cupertino company never lowers the price of its equipment until it launches the renewal of the same, but fortunately on Amazon you can find some discounts sporadically. Here are the ones available for the iMac M1.

  • 256GB capacity
    • Blue color: 170 euros discount.
    • Silver color: 170 euro discount.
    • Pink color: 170 euros discount.
    • Green color: 170 euros discount.
iMac M1 with 256GB buy it at Amazon Logo EUR 1,486.00 imac m1

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  • 512GB capacity
    • Color blue: 220 euro discount.
    • Silver color: 206 euros discount.
    • Pink color: 200 euros discount.
    • Green color: 200 euros discount.
iMac M1 with 512GB buy it at screen imac m1 2021 EUR 1,645.42

As you have seen, it is a great opportunity to do with an iMac. But be careful, you not only have to take into account the finishes, but also the rest of the specifications that this computer has. Apart from the capacity and color of the equipment, which depends on your preferences, the model that has these discounts on Amazon is the iMac with chip M1 what's wrong with it eight CPU cores and eight GPU cores , with four ports and 8 GB of RAM That is, it's not the most basic iMac model Apple sells.


As we said before, when making an investment of this type, despite the fact that it has a great discount, you have to think carefully about whether or not it is really worth buying it, in relation to the performance that it will offer. The truth is that an iMac is always a purchase that will pay for itself , and even more so if we take into account that these models have the Apple M1 chip.

It is one of the devices that best user experience offers In addition, it has specifications that for the vast majority of users are more than enough, giving them the opportunity to carry out practically any task that they need to do with this computer. If it is true that today, Apple already has more powerful computers and chips, but that does not mean that this iMac with M1 processor continues to perform at a very high level. Without a doubt, it is a highly recommended purchase.

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