iMac, iPad Pro and Apple TV reservations starting today: What you need to know — 2022

Today is a day marked in red on the calendar of Apple and many of its consumers. As announced at the last event held by the company, the AirTags officially go on sale today and reservations for the rest of the products that were announced begin,order from applein which devices such as the renewed iMac, Apple TV or iPad Pro can be included. Below we detail everything you need to know about this reservation period.

AirTag orders are already arriving today

Although in some territories it was brought forward a few hours, today is officially the launch day for Apple's object locator accessories. These have been available for pre-order since Friday of last week and today is when they should start arriving for those who have booked a unit, either for home delivery or pick up at an Apple Store. In fact, they can already be purchased directly in physical stores. Also they iPhone 12 and 12 mini purple can be purchased from today and start to reach those who booked it.


iMac, iPad Pro and Apple TV for reservation from 14.00

These three products that the Californian company announced at its event will be available for reservation from 2:00 p.m. Spanish time. It can be done from the Apple website or from the Apple Store application available on iPhone and iPad. During the hours prior to that moment, the store will appear closed without giving the option to buy anything else, but from the marked time it should already be open so that those interested can reserve the device they want with any of the configurations that are offered.

Unlike AirTags, these products won't reach buyers in just a week, but the fact that buyers of these iMacs canperform the initial setup of your Macswill extend to second half of May , as it appears on Apple's own website. Some sources suggest that the release date will be May 21, but at the moment it is not an official data. It can be tracked from the web or app to know all the changes, as well as via email or SMS with the instructions that Apple itself will provide you.

About when you are charged for the product It must be said that there are two phases. During the first few days, the amount will be withheld in your bank account, but the moment Apple delivers your product to the delivery person or they inform you that they already have it in the store, it will be when that money is withdrawn from your account.

Can the reservation be cancelled?

It is possible that after having made the reservation of one or more of these products you change your mind, for whatever reason. You should know that it is possible to cancel it at any time as long as it is not in delivery . In other words, if the courier company that is going to deliver the product has reordered it, you will have no other option than to resort to areturn order to Applewhen it arrives at your home.

What you will not be able to do at any time is change the color, storage capacity or any other configuration that is available. If you wish to change any of these elements, you must completely cancel the reservation and make a new one, in which case a refund will be issued to your account if you had already been charged. Of course, keep in mind that the delivery times could have increased with respect to the first reservation you made.