iFixit begins selling a kit to upgrade the RAM of the Mac mini — 2022

The Mac mini is one of the Apple computers that has surprised most people because of how easy it can bereplace RAMas it is not assembled to the motherboard. This was revealed by iFixit when disassembling this equipment days after its market launch and that is why now they sell a kit that will allow the user to expand the RAM memory of the Mac mini without problem.

Expand the RAM of your Mac mini with this kit from iFixit

Obviously, if we carry out this update of the component, we will have to assume a series of responsibilities , although we save good money by doing it ourselves.

Despite the fact that we have to buy the necessary tools and the new RAM memory, we always n It will be cheaper than taking it to the Technical Service to carry out this operation, but as we said before we will assume the responsibility of the product.

In the event that the Mac mini stops working after performing this replacement, we will not be able to go to an Apple Store to have the problem solved since the warranty will be completely void once we tamper with the guts of the Apple team.

change ram mac mini

Users with a new Mac mini will be able to easily upgrade RAM

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Users with a new Mac mini will be able to easily upgrade RAM Jose A. Lizana 8 November, 2018 • 12:11

This iFixit kit incorporates all the necessary tools to be able to carry out this replacement including the new RAM modules. The price of the kit will vary depending on the models we want to buy:

  • Upgrade to 32 GB of RAM (two 16 GB modules): $324.99.
  • Upgrade to 16 GB of RAM (a single 16 GB module): $164.99.

It is surprising to see how any of these kits are out of stock or really few left. If you want to get one you can See all the information on the official iFixit website here.

Personally we recommend if you are not an expert in hardware do not do this operation and leave it in professional hands even if it costs you a little more, because in the end what is cheap can be very expensive. What you can do is know thesteps to follow to free up RAM on your Macand make it go smoother.