If your iPhone X doesn't sound right, you can fix it this way — 2022

Failures in the iPhone X speakers, although they are not the most normal thing in the world, are not something strange either. Therefore, if you are being affected by a problem in relation to them, you should be calm because it has a solution. And no, it is probably not necessary to go to technical support, since there are certain aspects that you can check yourself and that could help you solve the problem.

The most common sound problems on iPhone X

As we told you before, it is not the most normal thing in the world to encounter problems in this regard. No problems have ever been detected in a specific series that is affected by factory defects, although beyond that, there are several faults that can appear in any iPhone X and that are manifested as follows:

  • The sound is very low and hardly sounds, despite the fact that the volume is turned up to the maximum.
  • The canned audio is heard, as if it were muffled.
  • Intermittent metallic or screeching noise that worsens the listening experience.
  • The speakers do not sound at all and not even turning up the volume can play any sound.
  • Too low or high sound that ultimately represents an unnatural audio without appreciating the real nuances.

Faced with these problems, we can find that their origin is hardware, but also software. Precisely for any of them we propose a series of solutions in the following sections.

Rule out software as the source of the problem

The software is one of the critical points in any problem that occurs in an iPhone. It is often the culprit of the problems, whatever they are. And, of course, sound failures and speaker problems can be caused by it. Therefore, iOS and its settings are the first thing you should check before assuming that it is the speakers themselves that are causing the problem.

Previous checks

Possibly the recommendations that you are going to read below have already been carried out before certifying that something strange was happening to the speakers of your iPhone X. However, we believe it is convenient to warn you of these previous steps to certify that all the settings are correct:

    Turn up the volumeof your iPhone to the maximum, either with the buttons or from Settings> Sounds and vibrations.
  • Make sure the mode Do Not Disturb is off.
  • Try the sound on various applications.
  • Try to make a call and check if you hear the other person.

If you have checked this and found that the error is still present, you can continue reading this article to find a solution. If with these checks you have been able to solve the error, obviously you will not need to continue reading because you have already found the problem with your iPhone X.

Power off and back on

Devices like the iPhone run hundreds of tasks in the background without us even being aware of it. Both iOS and iPhone processors are more than prepared to solve them easily and that this does not imply difficulties. However, it is not strange that from time to time one of these background processes gets stuck and this ends up generating problems on the device. The way to end this problem and rule out that the origin of your problem is this, it is recommended to turn off your iPhone X and keep it that way for at least 15-30 seconds and then turn it on again. This may not solve the problem with the sound, but at least you rule out that some other problem is influencing it.

turn off ipad

Update the iPhone

Despite the fact that a problem appears in such a way that it seems to be hardware, as is the case with your iPhone X and its speakers, the truth is that sometimes it can derive from a software failure. It is not the most common, but perhaps an operating system bug could be the culprit that you have these problems, especially if they are intermittent failures and do not occur continuously. The first option we find is to update the software, for which you must go to Settings > General > Software Update and check if there is any newer version of iOS available and if so, download and install it.

Update Apple Watch software from iPhone

This is solved a priori by always being informed of all the updates that are released to the public. Although a priori many of these do not have any kind of novelty that invites you to update the iPhone for fear of failures, the truth is that it is always good to carry out these installations. Different bug patches are always included in a non-transparent way but the fact that they are not specified in the release notes does not mean that it is not loaded with patches.

restore software

It may also be that the iOS bug manifests itself because of some type of internal file that is causing problems. This is not common either, but sometimes it can happen when backup copies are installed on an iPhone after having previously been installed on other computers. In fact, it is recommended that clean installations be carried out from time to time to avoid this type of problem. For this you should restore iOS and set the device as new iPhone.

It is important in this case that you do not perform a configuration from backup. During the minutes after the restore when you're setting up the iPhone it's important to specify that you want to boot it up as new. In this way you can avoid exporting the error through the backup, although afterwards you always have to install all the applications as well as download the files from different cloud services.

Device hardware revisions

Once you have ruled out that the software is the problem, it is time to think that the physical elements (hardware) are indeed the culprits of the problem. And be careful, because even this does not imply that yes or yes you should go to the technical service. In the following sections we will explain what you can do to solve the problem on your own and without losing your rights to repairs at the official technical service.

Water and moisture damage

Water, and humidity in general, are the main enemies of electronic devices. It is true that the iPhone X has IP67 certification, which guarantees protection against water and dust, but in the end nothing is forever and despite having a good seal, in the end over time the material can wear out and make the water can enter inside the iPhone. In principle, this could only be affecting the speakers, but it cannot be ruled out that it reaches the motherboard and ends up rendering the device useless.

Therefore, if your iPhone has recently gotten wet and you have even taken a bath with it in the pool or on the beach, you should take it in for repair yes or yes, because 99% will be the cause of the speakers not working. To do this, you must request an appointment at an Apple Store or Authorized Technical Service. Once you take the terminal to one of them, they will carry out a diagnosis and offer you the repair estimate.

although before you can try to remove water from inside the speakers thanks to applications that, by playing certain sounds, may be able to eliminate these liquid remains. They work in a similar way to the function that the Apple Watch has for it, although it loses effectiveness if it is not done moments after it has been wet. The most popular app in this sense is called Sonic.

Dirt on the speakers

No matter how neat and careful you are with your iPhone, it is possible that a small speck of dust or other debris has become embedded in the speakers. In fact, it is the most normal thing in the world considering that we leave the mobile on multiple surfaces, we keep it in pockets, backpacks, bags, suitcases... The fact that there is dirt inside can make the sound sound distorted and even cover it completely.

speaker iphone x

For clean the speakers It is recommended to always use utensils that cannot damage them, since they are made of very sensitive materials. For this reason, the recommendation that Apple itself makes is that small swabs are used that do not release lint or soft-bristled toothbrushes. Obviously, interaction with liquids such as water must be avoided whenever possible. But the fact of using other types of products such as ammonia or bleach should also be avoided since the iPhone is not prepared for these types of products that are corrosive.

bumps and falls

There is no doubt that phones are increasingly made with more premium materials and, on paper, more resistant. But it is also undeniable that these are much more sensitive to bumps and falls than the old phones we had years ago. That is why each component that makes up the iPhone can be affected by any blow or fall. Above all, it is possible to disconnect some type of cable on the motherboard of the iPhone itself or it simply ends up dislodging or breaking.

If your iPhone X has suffered a fall or strong blow Recently, you may not have noticed an apparent glitch at first, but now it's showing up on the speaker. This may or may not be casual, but depending on the severity level of the blow it may be more related. Therefore, you would have no choice but to go to repair and in this case you will almost always have to make a payment for this repair, previously receiving the budget. That is why whenever possible you should have a case on your device both in the form of a case and on the screen. In this way, any type of blow that the iPhone ends up taking will not cause, in many cases, serious internal problems such as in the speaker.

Apple Support iPhone repair

Factory fault and free repair

On some occasions there have been cases where several batches of iPhone have been affected by a common manufacturing defect and Apple has opened a free repair program for them. With the iPhone X and the speakers there has been nothing similar, so it is ruled out that it may be a general problem. However, it cannot be ruled out that your specific terminal may have a manufacturing defect that affects the speaker. That is why going to an Apple Store or Authorized Technical Service for repair can be key. If your iPhone X is still under warranty and it is certified that it is not damaged by shock or moisture, they will surely access repair it free of charge.

It is important to highlight the latter. Only Apple will be able to repair the iPhone for free if the failure is the fault of the company itself. And in a certain way it is not at all easy to be able to deceive them since it can be quickly detected if the iPhone has suffered some type of blow or has come into contact with water. It is true that there are some important exceptions to take into account. The damage that may be due to the passage of time if they pass through the supervision filter that Apple has in its stores in order to accept it in the repair program.

Make an appointment with Apple support

There are many ways that exist to be able to contact Apple itself. The first one is to make the telephone contact using the number 900 812 703 if you reside in Spain. In this way you can receive timely support at all times in order to get the best possible care. After communicating your problem, the company itself will offer different ways to solve it, being able to deliver it to a SAT or having it picked up at home.

But the big question that many people will ask is the price of this service. At first you should know that the service is completely free as long as you have the current guarantee. This means that less than two years must have elapsed since the purchase. In this way, it will enter into this legal condition in which the products are protected so that they can be repaired at no cost to the customer. Obviously this will happen in the event that the failure is due to an error by the company itself at the factory and never because you have handled it incorrectly or you have simply given it some kind of blow or even put it in water. In this case, the repair will be out of your pocket, and it is not cheap.

It should also be noted that you may be tempted to always take it to services that are not authorized to make it cheaper, it is not recommended. This is because non-original parts are used. In addition, when this type of intervention is carried out by personnel who are not authorized by the Cupertino company, the guarantee is automatically canceled when the device is opened and clues are left that someone has investigated inside.