If your iPhone is nearby and you can't find it, the Apple Watch will help you — 2022

When looking for the iPhone when you have lost it, you can do many things like messing up the house in search of it. But there are also other methods of searching for it, such as using your watch, as we tell you below.

An extra way to find your iPhone

When the iPhone is no longer in sight, anyone can begin to hyperventilate from the fear of having asked for their mobile. There are many systems that are enabled to locate the iPhone, for example through the 'Search' application by making a sound. Although, this forces you to have a computer or an iPad on top to carry out the tracking.

iPhone 12 Pro black

That is why to facilitate this task, from Apple they have wanted to use the Apple Watch to be able to locate the paired iPhone with a single sound. This is a piece of equipment that is normally always carried, so it is easier than resorting to another external accessory. The only problem that arises is that the Apple Watch must be in the range of the iPhone, so it will only work if the mobile has been lost, for example, on the sofa at home or you do not remember where you left it. Otherwise you will have to resort to the other options where the internet connection is used.

The function that will ring your iPhone from the Apple Watch

To make use of this search function, you simply have to go to the control center of the Apple Watch. This is done by swiping from bottom to top on the main face of the smartwatch. In the control center you will find different tokens and each of them with a different function. To track the clock you must click on the button that has the silhouette of your iPhone with some stripes on the sides.

Apple Watch find iPhone

When you press it, you will see how the linked iPhone emits a ringing sound at maximum volume so you can know where it is located. It is important to note that this sound will always be emitted, even if the iPhone is in do not disturb mode or in complete silence, otherwise this function would be meaningless. With each press you give the iPhone will emit a single sound so you can give it as many times as you need. On the screen of the mobile device you will not see a message appear at any time, something that happens when a sound is emitted from 'Search'.

Make this feature more accessible on the watch

By default in the control center this button is located on the top left. But you can always move it to where you prefer to make it more comfortable and accessible for you depending on how you use this function. That is why the control center icons can be edited as follows:

  • Open the watch control center.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click on 'Edit'.
  • Hold down the iPhone ring icon and drag it to where you want.

Edit control center Apple Watch

In this way you can always have this function in the place you want to find whenever you need your iPhone.