If your Apple Watch won't link to iPhone, here's how to fix it — 2022

The Apple Watch is undoubtedly an essential piece of equipment for many users who avoid having to check their notifications on the iPhone. But sometimes this equipment can fail and lose the connection with the iPhone. In this article we explain how you can act in this situation.

How to know if the Apple Watch is paired

In general, when we receive a notification on the iPhone and not on the Apple Watch, it is a symptom that the watch is not correctly linked. It is true that this only happens if we have duplicate notifications between both teams. This is why we can visually see a witness on our Apple Watch that tells us if it is connected to an iPhone or not. We can see this in the control center by sliding your finger from the bottom to the top.

In the control center we have access to activate the WiFi, the battery status and also in the upper right corner we will see the silhouette of the iPhone. In the event that the iPhone is green it will mean that it is linked, but if a Red X or the iPhone in red and with a line crossing it is a sign that it is not linked. This last signal also appears when we visualize the sphere in the upper central part.

This problem may be due to a bug in the Bluetooth connection or a bug in the operating system of both computers. That is why the fastest solution may be to restore the clock completely, although you can try to do something before resorting to this option. However, before you assume that there is an error connecting your Apple Watch to your iPhone, make sure that your iPhone is far enough away from the Apple Watch to allow notifications coming into it to also go to it. your doll.

Possible solutions

Fortunately, before giving this game up for lost and having to go to professionals so that they can solve this problem, there are different solutions that all users can carry out if they think that there is an error or failure in the connection between the iPhone and the Apple Watch. Below we tell you the most common ones and the ones that, with greater probability, will be able to solve your problem.

Check connectivity and reboot

The first thing to check is that airplane mode is not activated on either the iPhone or the Apple Watch. In order to do this check we simply have to open control center on each of the devices to disable it. You can also try toggling it on and off to restart connections. You also have to keep in mind the different status modes that you have been able to configure, since it is possible that the notifications are not reaching you because that is how you have configured it without realizing it in any of the status modes that you have been able to establish on the iPhone or any other Apple device.

If airplane mode is not the problem, it is best to restart both the iPhone and the Apple Watch. In the latter case, it is really simple since you simply have to hold the side button and slide in the 'turn off device' section. With this restart we will make the iPhone look for the Apple Watch again, and that is why we must take into account that the distance between the two must be reduced. The range of the iPhone has a limit so do not expect both devices to be paired if there is a distance between them of 400 meters. The fact of restarting both devices responds to the fact that this type of problem can usually arise due to the fact that some background process has been caught, and it may be what is affecting the connectivity between the two devices. Therefore, when restarting them, all those processes are also restarted and therefore the problem is solved.

Unbind and rebind

If none of this works, you will need to unpair the Apple Watch from the iPhone completely. formatting it . Keep in mind to save a backup in iCloud from the iPhone so as not to lose any type of information, especially Health information. To make the outcome between both devices you will have to follow the following steps:

  1. On Apple Watch, tap the digital crown and go to Settings.
  2. Go to 'General'.
  3. Then scroll to the bottom and click on 'Reset'.
  4. Choose 'Erase content and settings' and confirm this action.

At the moment you will see how the clock begins to restart and a progress bar appears informing us of how much remains for the formatting to be completed. Once this is done, the initial setup options like you took it out of the box. The process from here to bind it is exactly the same as when you received it in the Clock app on the iPhone. By completing this process it is practically mandatory for the watch to work correctly. The most critical point is that in the linking process it detects it automatically or in the manual aspect the specific clock appears within the range of the device. In the event that none of this works, you will have to resort to trying to link the watch to another iPhone. If another mobile device does not recognize it either to start the pairing process, it is likely that one of the components of the Apple Watch is not working correctly. In the event that it is linked to other iPhones, then the problem is your own mobile and its Bluetooth connectivity, so you must restore it or simply take it to a SAT or Apple Store for review.

Go to an Apple Store

If after having tried all the possible solutions that we have mentioned in this post, you still have problems with the connection between your iPhone and the Apple Watch, what you will have to do is go to an Apple Store or SAT to make the corresponding diagnosis of what can be happening so that this failure lasts over time. Both in the Apple stores and in the repair services authorized by the Cupertino company itself, they will be in charge of finding where the error is that is causing this whole situation and, of course, of offering all the possible solutions so that you can continue enjoying of the fantastic experience provided by the combination of iPhone and Apple Watch.

Apple Store

Our recommendation is that if you have an Apple Store close to home or near your town, go having previously requested an appointment, in this way you will ensure that the professionals of the same can attend you with enough time that your problem requires. . However, if this is not possible, in the SAT, the attention will be exactly the same, as well as the guarantees that the problem you are suffering will be solved in the best possible way.