If you want to use your AirPods on any device, AirFly by Twelve South is what you are looking for — 2022

Have you found yourself in the position of wanting to connect your AirPods to a machine at the gym but it didn't have Bluetooth? Twelve South has thought about this type of problem that can be presented to certain users and has released a new accessory that they wanted to call AirFly , to connect to these devices that do not have Bluetooth but do have a Jack connection.

AirFly, an accessory that can help you in certain situations

When we have to leave our Apple ecosystem and we want to connect the AirPods to another device, we can find certain problems, since it may Let's not find a bluetooth connection on all devices that play media content , as is the case with the gym machines that I mentioned earlier, certain televisions…

The solution is to buy this Twelve South brand receiver called AirFly that has a very simple operation. The device is very similar in size to the AirPods box and has a Jack connection, which we will connect to the device in question that lacks Bluetooth, so that can function as a sound transmitter to our wireless headphones (AirPods or any other helmet with a wireless connection).

If it is true that not everyone needs this accessory on a daily basis, but there are certain situations that we find ourselves in that require headphones with an analog connection, although we hope that the wireless connection will end up being standardized, making all devices that can broadcast multimedia content have a Bluetooth connection available for users who prefer wireless headphones for their enormous comfort.

The AirFly we can already find it in Amazon with a price of €44.99 and free shipping if you are a user Prime . As we can see in the description of the product, we will have to recharge it using a USB cable, although they promise an autonomy of 8 hours.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of this product and if you think it would be useful in your day to day life.