If you want to edit video on your iPad, you must know these applications — 2022

The iPad is a device that hides tremendous potential before the simple appearance of a tablet, however, the truth is that it has become a work and productivity tool capable of doing practically anything, even many video editors have been encouraged to use the iPad as a work tool, therefore, in this post we talk about 10 applications that you can also use to edit your videos.

This is what you have to take into account when choosing an editor

Every day more users use their iPad as their laptop and that means having to perform certain actions such as video editing with this device. Fortunately, Apple has a very extensive application store where, for almost any action, you have a wide variety of high-quality alternatives available. Video editing is obviously no exception and fortunately users who want to edit video with the iPad have a wide range of applications at their disposal with which to give free rein to their imagination.

However, before choosing an application to edit video, you have to take into account what are the most important points when choosing one application or another. Below we list the vital aspects that a video editing application must have to be considered suitable regardless of the level of user that is going to use it.

    intuitive interface: users have to be able in a short period of time to fully understand the user interface and be able to quickly become familiar with it. Basic editing tools:any video editing application worth its salt has to offer the basic actions such as cut, paste, change the speed of the clip, be able to add audio, duplicate a clip, superimpose clips... Color Edition:this feature will vary depending on the application, but obviously the user has to be able to modify the color of the video they are editing, either manually or through presets better known as filters. Image Crop:A video always has to be adapted to the platform through which it is going to be shared, so it is very important that the dimensions of the image can be modified in order to adapt the video to the medium in which it is going to be shared.

Simple editors if you don't want to get too complicated

Surely if you are starting out in the world of video editing with the iPad, to begin with you are not looking to complicate your life too much and what you want is a simple editor, with the basic options and that allows you in a short time to be able to learn to use the application how to obtain a result that has a good level of editing. If you are one of those users, here you have a series of really interesting options to edit video in a simple and intuitive way with the iPad.

Clips, fast and fun video editing


We are going with a native Apple option, in this case, we are talking about Clips, a really simple application to use and that is ideal for vertical video editing. With a really simple and intuitive workflow you will be able to edit your videos for Instagram or TikTok from your own iPad, with the ability to edit professional parameters.

It is perfect for those users who do not have much knowledge about video editing and who want to do something quick to be able to share it on their different social networks. It has basic editing tools that will allow all users who use it to obtain a very attractive result with a few very simple steps. Its interface is very attractive and above all, very intuitive, since as we say, this is an app that has been conceived, designed and developed so that any user who has never used it can do so and obtain the results they were looking for in just a few minutes. minutes.

Clips Clips Descargar QR-Code Clips Developer: Apple

Splice, simplicity and power to edit on your iPad


Splice is a simple yet very powerful video editor that will make it easy for you to create fully customized videos with a professional look. It has all the power that a desktop video editor can have but optimized for a device as portable as the iPad.

With it you will be able to apply different color presets, add text at any moment of the video, as well as edit that text to suit the user. The transitions offered by Splice are also of a very high quality, giving the user the possibility of creating really attractive effects with which he will surprise all the spectators who are lucky enough to see his audiovisual creation.

Splice - Video & Photo Editor Splice - Video & Photo Editor Descargar QR-Code Splice - Video & Photo Editor Developer: Bending Spoons Apps ApS

VN Video Editor, the app for all users


VN is a video application that seeks to satisfy all types of users, both beginners and more professionals who want to use the iPad as a regular or occasional work device. All of them can create high-quality videos efficiently thanks to their interactive interface, spectacular effects and very creative templates that are made available to the creator so that he is able to carry out all his ideas.

It has tools that will facilitate the creation of a quality audiovisual document, such as the possibility of changing the speed of the clip as a curve, the different transition effects to put the viewer fully into the video or the possibility of using the settings of color presets as to import those that you can create.

vn video editor vn video editor Descargar QR-Code vn video editor Developer: Ubiquiti Labs, LLC

Videoshop – video editor, edit with professional tools


Videoshop is a simple video editor that has a large number of quick editing tools, filters and many effects to customize your videos. It has all the functions that you can demand from a video editor such as trimming, music, sound effects, speed customization of the different clips, titles, voiceover... in short, a great alternative to edit all your videos from the iPad.

In addition, you will also be able to cut the clips that you import and with which you are working, modify the color manually, something that many simple video editors do not allow, as well as apply some of the filters that the application itself makes available to users , you also have up to 10 different transitions available with which to give a different touch to your videos

video shop - video editor video shop - video editor Descargar QR-Code video shop - video editor Developer: Eggs Inc.

Videoleap, a different editor


An application designed for both beginners and professionals, this is Videoleap. This video editor provides a sufficient catalog of features so that professionals can take advantage of powerful advanced editing features and video editing enthusiasts can have fun trimming and combining clips in the most intuitive and comfortable way possible.

With Videoleap you have the possibility to combine different clips, cut, add texts and of course, you can also add effects with which to surprise all the people who are lucky enough to see your video. It even allows you to edit by layers to be able to insert different images at the same time and create double exposures to give it an artistic touch.

Video Leap by Lightricks Video Leap by Lightricks Descargar QR-Code Video Leap by Lightricks Developer: Lightricks Ltd.

The most powerful editing applications

Perhaps the options that we have discussed so far may seem insufficient to you in terms of the number and quality of the functions they offer, for this reason we will also outline different alternatives for that public that is looking for a professional video editor for iPad, a video editor that provide you with the same features you could edit a video with if you did it with the best video editors for Mac.

iMovie, the free native Apple application


If you have been in the Apple world for a long time, you will surely have heard of iMovie on many occasions, Apple's native video editor is a fantastic option to start editing videos from your iPad since the whole process is very intuitive thanks to the gestures Multi-Touch it offers. It is an application for beginners who aspire to be professionals, but it certainly offers many possibilities to all creators to make simple but creative and attractive videos.

iMovie is the video editor that every video editing professional who starts to edit videos with an Apple device uses, its interface gives that professional touch thanks to the number of sophisticated tools available to carry out practically whatever idea comes to your mind. Furthermore, for all those users who are thinking about the possibility of later using a more powerful video editing application such as LumaFusion on the iPad itself or even making the leap to the Mac and working with Final Cut Pro, iMovie is the first step ideal given the similarities that exist at the interface level, since in this way the adaptation to these two software will be much faster than if it came from another alternative.

iMovie iMovie Descargar QR-Code iMovie Developer: Apple

LumaFusion, the editor for professionals


If we told you that iMovie is a perfect option for beginners who want to become professionals and videos that don't require much complexity, LumaFusion is, without a doubt, the most complete video editor for iPad that we can find in the entire App Store. The equivalent of FinalCut on iPad, meaning it gives you tremendous potential to unleash your creativity and do just about anything. Although yes, it is the most similar to Final Cut Pro but it is far from having all the professional tools that Apple's video editor provides.

This application is the one chosen by the vast majority of video editing professionals when they have to work with the iPad, so we believe that there is no better guarantee than this to assure you that LumaFusion is the best video editor you can use. exists for iPad. The number of professional tools that LumaFusion has is enormous. There is no more complete and powerful video editing app for iPad. In addition, another point that you have to keep in mind is that this application is capable of taking advantage of the advantage that it has when you connect the iPad to a monitor, since on one screen you will be able to see the timeline, while on the other You will have full screen all the video you are editing. As we said, there is no more complete app to edit video, so all those users who want to get the most out of their iPad in this regard, have to install LumaFusion.

LumaFusion LumaFusion Descargar QR-Code LumaFusion Developer: Luma Touch LLC

Adobe Premiere Rush for Video, Adobe's choice for iPad

Adobe Premiere Rush

Of course, Adobe had to be present in this compilation, in this case with Adobe Premiere Rush for video, an application with which you can record, edit and share your videos. It is really complete since it has tools that allow the creation of videos to suit the creator with a professional look and sound.

With this application you only have to drag and drop to be able to organize all the videos, audios, graphics and photos that you want to be displayed in your audiovisual creation on your timeline. It has numerous features like cropping, flipping and mirroring, adding images, stickers and overlays. In addition you can also modify the speed and enhance the color with the presets and customization tools.

Adobe Premiere Rush for Video Adobe Premiere Rush for Video Descargar QR-Code Adobe Premiere Rush for Video Developer: Adobe Inc.

InShot, the video editor for Instagram


If what you are looking for is a video editor for Instagram, InShot is undoubtedly one of the best options you can find in the AppStore since it has a huge number of options to easily edit your vertical video and functions that will come in handy to leave your perfect video for publication on the famous social network.

It is the application that numerous influencers use to edit their vertical videos that you later see on Instagram. With it you can trim, delete, combine and adjust the speed of the videos, add a color border, even add music, any effect you want or voice over. Color editing is another of the important aspects of this app since it has a huge variety of filters. Without any doubt, Inshot has been able to sneak into the iPhone of numerous users, but that's how it has earned it thanks to the functions it brings to the table to be, possibly, the best editor for vertical video that you can have on both your iPad and iPhone. It has perfect tools to be able to create really attractive effects, and above all and more importantly, its operation and the possibility of taking advantage of it are very simple to carry out, it is not an app with a complicated interface and thousands of hidden functions , on the contrary, everything is really intuitive and you will be able to take advantage of it from the first second you open it.

InShot - Video Editor InShot - Video Editor Descargar QR-Code InShot - Video Editor Developer: InstaShot Inc.

What is the ideal option?

As always, all the options that appear in this post are fantastic alternatives to edit video with iPad. However, from the editorial team of La Manzana Mordida we want to carry out a recommendation of each of the categories in which we have included the different applications mentioned. Of course, the final decision is yours , and we invite you to, first of all, take into account the basic functions that we have told you about at the beginning of this post and, second, the needs that you have personally when editing video.

For us, within the most basic options we believe that the most appropriate option is the one provided by Apple itself, that is, Clips . It has a very intuitive interface, with a very short learning curve, which provides quality editing in a short time. As for the professional options, without a doubt, we opted for LumaFusion , without a doubt it is the most complete video editor that you can find in the App Store.