If you take your iPad 4 in for repair, it might be replaced with a 2014 iPad Air 2 — 2022

If you have a 4th generation iPad, maybe if you take it to an Apple Store for repair, don't get that same replacement model , if not a newer one, an iPad Air 2 from 2014. Don't think this is a mistake, as Apple has run out of stock of replacement iPad 4, forced to give another device which is more recent, an iPad Air 2 from 2014.

In the replacement you can gain storage with the iPad Air 2

Apple has authorized with an internal note to employees to facilitate, in those cases where a replacement of the iPad 4 is required , an iPad Air 2 from 2014. This will happen when the iPad 4 is out of stock. This is why not every time you bring your 4th generation iPad, they will give you a newer one.

This device that they would deliver to you, has more features that you can customize such as internal storage. That is why the tablet you are given as a replacement may have a capacity increase Although it has not been revealed yet. if this will increase the price of repairing your old iPad , since we know that Apple does not usually give anything away even if there areproblems on the screen of your iPad Air.

It is because of that we do not recommend causing an accident to your iPad , to be able to go to the technical service and have access to a more recent model in time and with better characteristics. In addition, that in the end it can go wrong, since although it is normal for Apple to offer you another replacement device, some breakdowns do not contemplate it for different reasons such as the short time to carry out this repair.

That is why do not be scared if suddenly your 4th generation iPad momentarily transforms into an iPad Air 2. Have you had this experience in an Apple Store with your device? Leave us in the comment box everything related to this topic.

Via: AppleInsider