If you need to repair the iPhone Xs Max, you will not like the price — 2022

After the presentation of the new devices yesterday, the Apple support website has already been updated showing repair prices for both iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max although there is no trace of how much it will costrepair iphoneXr, information that will surely appear weeks before its market launch.

Repairing the iPhone Xs Max will not come cheap

The new iPhones they do not stand out for being precisely cheap, since both exceed the barrier of 1,100 euros in their most basic versions, reaching a maximum price of €1659 , the iPhone with better features and larger size.

In the support website Apple have already updated the repair prices of these new iPhone and we have to say that the prices are not cheap at all, since they are around 600 euros. Specifically, Apple distinguishes two types of repairs: Screen repair only and Other damage. You can see these prices in the following image:

As you can see, if we go to the Apple Store with a screen problem on our iPhone Xs Max, we will have to pay a total of €361.10, while if we have the problem in an iPhone Xs the price is equal to that of the iPhone X 2017: €311.10. Obviously these prices We will have to pay them whenever the repair does not fall within Apple's guarantee.

If we go on to talk about other damages, which are repairs not related to the screen of the device, the price skyrockets, exceeding 600 euros in the iPhone X Max, specifically we should pay €641.10 . The price of the repair of the iPhone Xs for other damages is not far behind either since we will have to pay a total of €591.10. Before all this you mustprepare iPhone for repair.

After seeing these prices it is clear that we must propose to buy a case for our iPhone in addition to put a tempered glass to avoid a scare that forces us to go to the Apple Store.

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