If you're having trouble restoring your Mac, try these solutions — 2022

If you have a Mac in your possession, you are condemned to restore the computer at some point, either because it has suffered a software problem or because the disks need cleaning. But although this restoration tool is there to help you with the problems that you may have on your computer, can also fail you . In this article we tell you about the possible failures that can occur when performing this operation and the solutions.

Common problems when reinstalling macOS

macOS is one of the most reliable and very popular operating systems, but like all operating systems, it has some flaws. One of them may arise when reinstalling it on your computer. Most of the time these are simple problems that you can easily repair at home, however there are others that will require you to go to a specialized center so that you can use your computer again.

Below we will describe the most frequent errors that you could experience when reinstalling the operating system of your Mac, regardless of the model it is. Also, of course, we expose the best solutions for them.

If the failure is because of the internet

One of the requirements that you must meet in order to perform an operating system restore is have an internet connection. On certain occasions, the Mac may not end up connecting correctly to the Internet and from the installer itself you will be able to make changes in this regard. It is recommended that the connection be via Ethernet cable so that there are no cuts and it also reaches a higher speed, although if you do not have that possibility you can do it by WiFi without a problem.

In the upper right corner you will have the characteristic macOS icon to select the network which you want to connect to. From here you can solve any type of problem that may arise, for example when choosing the wrong network.

Wifi Mac MacBook Air

A problem that can appear to you in a quite common way is that The download cannot be performed if you are not connected to a private network. This means that if you are at the university or in a simple coffee shop that has an open and public network, you will not be able to perform the corresponding download of the operating system. Surely from Apple they have imposed this preventive measure so that we are always in a private network and with much more security to avoid problems in the corresponding download of its software. Therefore, you will have to wait until you have a connection to a private network.

If the recovery system does not work

On certain occasions you may find that the recovery system that integrates the operating system does not start when you press the keys Command + R when turning on the Mac. This failure can occur through a problem in the installation process or in the execution of the recovery software itself, causing the computer to shut down suddenly.

In order to correct this inconvenience when performing a zero installation of the software you will have to access the ' macOS recovery over the Internet ’. In order to access this part of the system you must wait for it to be done automatically or press the keyboard combination Option + Command + R, The Shift + Option + Command + R when you start the Mac.

world ball loading

In this way, the computer will search for the most recent update that we can have on your Mac and the corresponding installation will begin, although previously you must select a WiFi network from the drop-down list that will appear . You will know that you have successfully started this recovery mode when a spinning globe appears next to a bar that shows the loading progress.

Prohibition symbol when starting the Mac

If you have a problem with your computer, a message may appear indicating that the operating system is corrupt. In these cases when you turn on the Mac you will find a circle with a line in the middle (like the forbidden sign). This indicates that the software that you have on the startup disk that you have chosen is not correctly installed and you will have to carry out the same steps to reinstall macOS with the commands that we mentioned in the previous section.

The causes of this notice appearing are uncertain in the vast majority of cases. A virus has been able to make the system look totally corrupt and the consequence is total elimination, making it unrecognizable at startup. The other cause derives from a fault of the user himself. Sometimes when you do not have much knowledge in macOS or in any operating system, it may be the case that you delete files necessary for the correct functioning of the computer at startup. That is why you should never resort to deleting files without knowing exactly what you are doing.

A globe appears with an alarm symbol

If the recovery mode of macOS via the Internet does not work, you will see the icon of the globe with an alarm symbol in the center on the screen. You can try these solutions to solve it:

  • connect to the internet over Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi or vice versa.
  • Connect to another internet network
  • Please try again later as it may be a problem with the servers.

globe are alarm symbol

If the faults persist

Here's what you should do if, after trying the above steps, you still have problems restoring your computer.

Problems restoring a Mac with M1

Apple Silicon, Apple's own ARM chips, can have exactly the same problems when restoring as Intel. Therefore, the previously mentioned works as well. However there is a peculiarity in these teams which makes the restore process slightly different than it is on those other computers. The steps to follow for this are these:

  1. Shut down the Mac completely.
  2. Hold down the power key for several seconds until the Apple logo appears with a note saying that it will start recovery mode.
  3. All the disks and partitions you have on the computer will appear, but you must click the Options icon and then click Continue.
  4. You may be prompted for the administrator password at this point.
  5. Once the Disk Utility menu appears, choose the option that suits you:
    • Restore with a copy of Time Machine
    • Reinstall macOS

Mac Disk Utility

It is important that you know that these are the steps to follow because it is a different process than the traditional one in the other Macs. If you follow these steps you shouldn't have any problem . In case you find an error like those described in previous points, we refer to those same solutions that we explained there.

Go to a SAT

Another option that you can consider is to go to a SAT. These are stores that are approved by Apple to repair, troubleshoot, and sell Apple products. By taking your product to this type of establishment you do not lose the guarantee, which is why it is a very good option in many cases. Another advantage is that many times you don't have the wait that you have in the Apple Store.

To go to a SAT it is necessary, in many cases, to request an appointment indicating what the problem is for which you go. In addition, you must also indicate if your iPhone is still under warranty or if, on the contrary, you no longer have the Apple warranty (unless you have previously contracted AppleCare). It will also be necessary to put your location to find the SAT that is closest to you. The previous service they offer (questions about the device model, the guarantee, the problem, etc.) is very similar to what they offer you in an Apple Store. Although many people prefer to take their devices to official Apple stores even if they are not caught very close to home, there are times when you cannot use your Mac and need an urgent solution, so going to a SAT is a very good way to be able to put a quick solution with the same guarantees as if you go to an Apple Store.

In any other case

Regardless of whether your Mac has an Intel or Apple chip, if you continue to experience problems it is not ruled out that there is something wrong with the board or any other hardware component. In these cases, it is best to go to the apple support or, failing that, to an authorized one. All this so that they can run a diagnosis of the device and offer you the best solution for it, although sometimes this means paying for a repair.

If the problem is due to a factory defect and the Mac is under warranty, don't worry because it will be covered and you won't have to pay anything. However, if the equipment is damaged by water or the like, you will have to pay for the repair in full. In any case, the technicians will previously offer you a budget that you may or may not accept without any commitment.