If you can't activate your free 1-year Apple TV+ trial, here's what to do — 2022

From November 1, users can enjoy the contents of Apple TV + and its incredible catalog of series, among which SEE stands out. In order to promote this service, Apple has launched several very interesting promotions, such as the 1-year free trial if you purchased after September 10 a new iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV. But there are many users who are reporting that this free trial does not appear after having recently bought a new Apple device. In this article we are going to try to give you a solution so that you can enjoy this one-year free trial period.

Typically, entering the TV app on an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or TV linked to a registered Apple ID on a device purchased after September 10 should bring up the option to sign up for a free year.

If you can't activate your free annual subscription don't despair

But there are many users who have reported through Twitter that when you enter the application you only get the free 7-day trial when you have bought, for example, a new iPhone 11 Pro. It is possible that the saturation of the servers in these first moments of the launch is causing this small bug of not detecting that we have a new team.

In order to fix it, you can go to the web page in Safari and go to the upper right corner where it says 'Log in'. By pressing we must enter our Apple credentials and in this window we should see the Apple TV + offer and activate it from this web page. Once activated, we simply have to sign out of the iPhone TV app, close the app, and when you open it, sign in again . Remember that to close the TV session on the iPhone you must open the application and in the upper right corner click on your photo and then click on 'Close session'.

On this same web page you can also check the trial period you have active and change the subscription. Once the trial period is over we can choose to purchase a monthly subscription for €4.99 per month or €49.99 per year so we would have two months free if we make the annual payment.

They also remind us from Apple that once we cancel the free trial period of one year it cannot be activated again r so it will be totally lost both for us and for the rest of the family members. This is why we recommend that once you have signed up for the trial period, you do not cancel it until days before it ends, otherwise you will be disappointed.

We hope that once the initial boom ofApple TV+ vs. Netflixand others, the system detects new devices in a more optimal way to provide users with one-year trial periods. In fact, it has some interesting functions forsave data while watching Apple TV+.

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