If you are looking for a cheap iPhone 8, this offer interests you — 2022

If you are considering making a phone change and you are looking for a good device at a good price, you will surely love this offer, because we have found it on Amazon a new iPhone 8 with a discount of 200 euros, an offer that has left us with our mouths open and that we obviously wanted to share with you.

Although September is just around the corner with the iPhone 2018, if you are one of those people who prefers a good device at a good price, sacrificing some of the top features this is an ideal offer for you.

An iPhone 8 for €620, what more can we ask for?

If it is true that you cannot use Animojis or Memojis with the iPhone 8, nor unlock your device with your face like the iPhone X does, but With the iPhone 8 you will have in your hands a great device that will help you carry out all your day-to-day tasks , with a processor similar to the one that the iPhone X has, so in power you will not have to miss anything.

Buy this device for €620 on Amazon here.

This is one of the most affordable offers we have seen for this device so far, since we can have an iPhone 8 presented last year for 620 euros with totally free shipping. We have seen this offer on Amazon and we leave it to you here .

The capacity of the terminal that we are showing is 64 GB , which can come in handy if you don't spend all day taking photos, although you'll always have iCloud Drive plans so you can have much more space in your cloud. But if you want some more internal storage You can also opt for the 256 GB one, although it rises a lot in price.

As I said at the beginning, you will not have all the top features, but you will have everything you need on a mobile to be really useful in your day to day which is what a cell phone is for and not to make us Memojis .

Leave us in the comment box what you think of this offer, do you think you will end up buying it?