If you're going to give presentations on Mac, you should know about these applications — 2022

Whether it's for work or college or university classes, you may often touch creating slideshows with your Mac to make better presentations. Fortunately, you can find interesting applications that make your task much easier, and for this reason we have highlighted in this article the ones that we believe can best be adapted to your needs.

Apple native apps

As we have commented on numerous occasions, the Cupertino company not only makes really fantastic devices, but also provides tools so that users have the possibility of carrying out practically any task. Having the tools to make a good presentation is today practically essential and Apple puts different alternatives on the table, which are also completely free.

Keynote, the native Apple

keynote apple

Keynote Keynote Descargar QR-Code Keynote Developer: Apple

Apple has a package of office services multi platform , among which is Keynote. If you're familiar with these native apps, it probably won't be too hard for you to adapt. It has a tremendous interface intuitive , either to add images, texts, effects or to design each and every one of the slides. Other features also stand out, such as being able to teamwork with other people, each one of them from their own device. Something that also makes it much more attractive is that it is completely free.

The latter is one of the main advantages provided by Apple's work suite, that for all users who have a device from the company this application is completely free, being a point to take into account especially if we compare it with the competition. It has the most outstanding features that most users need to create an attractive presentation. Also, if you have different Apple devices, the synchronization between all of them will be perfect, giving you the possibility to start the work on the iPad, for example, and continue it on the Mac later.

iMovie can also help


iMovie iMovie Descargar QR-Code iMovie Developer: Apple

No, we have not gone crazy and we have started talking about video editing, since the purpose of iMovie is precisely that. If we wanted to highlight this application, it is precisely because of the possibility of create a succession of images with effects either visual or sound. In the end it must be exported as a video and used in an exhibition, so it is not completely unreasonable.

Once again, it is an Apple application that is completely free and that can be a fantastic alternative to create presentations with different images. That yes, you have to take into account that at the end of the day, when you generate the presentation with iMovie what you will have will be a video that will be played when you hit play, that is, you will not be able to stop and pass slides as if you can do in other alternatives on the market. However, for generating a continuous slideshow with cool effects and transitions it's great.

Third Party Applications

Obviously, not all the alternatives available to you to use on your Mac are the ones offered by the Cupertino company. Fortunately, both through the App Store with different applications and with web services or downloads from the Internet, you have at your disposal tools with tremendous potential that will help you obtain the result you want to achieve with your presentation. Here we talk about some of the most outstanding.

Microsoft PowerPoint, a classic

Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft PowerPoint Descargar QR-Code Microsoft PowerPoint Developer: Microsoft Corporation

Surely before entering this article you already suspected that this application was going to appear and it is not for less, since it is today the most used for making presentations . It comes included with the Microsoft Office packages and with each update it receives it improves and refines the details. Perhaps it may seem that it is something 'amateur' and not very useful for more formal presentations, but nothing is further from the truth, since with some care and ingenuity great exhibitions can be achieved.

Microsoft Power Point is a really powerful tool for creating engaging presentations as it has a tremendous number of tools. It has the advantage that most users have used it at one time or another in their lives, since we can consider it a universal application, available on all desktop operating systems. Also, you have to keep in mind that the files you generate with PowerPoint will also be compatible with applications like Keynote.

FlowVella App, to create interactive presentations

flowvella app

FlowVellaApp for Presentation FlowVellaApp for Presentation Descargar QR-Code FlowVellaApp for Presentation Developer: Flowboard

Don't be fooled by reviews of this app on the Mac App Store, as it fixed the compatibility issues long ago. Now we can find an interesting tool with which to create presentations for all the senses, being able to have facilities to incorporate audio, images and texts. It also has other functionalities with which to create unique exhibitions, thanks to its effects and interconnections with other files with which to link the topic that is being exposed.

One of the points that makes this application stand out positively is that you can generate interactive presentations so that the public can also take part in your presentation. In this way you will get people to pay much more attention to you by making them participate in the topic you are exposing. It has compatibility for other devices from the Cupertino company so you can create the presentation on your Mac and later control it from your iPad or iPhone.

Toolbox for Keynote, an infinite bank of templates

toolbox for keynote

Toolbox for Keynote: Plantilla Toolbox for Keynote: Plantilla Descargar QR-Code Toolbox for Keynote: Plantilla Developer: Jumsoft

Can you imagine creating a presentation with a spectacular design without breaking your head? Well, with this application you can do it and also in a very easy way. In Toolbox for Keynote you will find dozens of editable templates to make presentations. Each and every one of the designs are filtered by the type of exhibition you want to make, making it easier to find one that catches your attention.

Surely on many occasions you have been in front of the computer ready to create an attractive presentation and you have not found enough inspiration to lead you to obtain what you were looking for, well, this is a fantastic alternative that will allow you to have designs at your fingertips. incredible ones that you can use to carry out a presentation of ten and impress all the lucky ones who have the opportunity to listen to you.

Avatar for Keynote creates fun animations

Avatar for keynote

Avatar for Keynote Avatar for Keynote Descargar QR-Code Avatar for Keynote Developer: Reallusion Inc.

This application is presented as a alternative to boring presentations. For this, it offers the possibility of creating a series of animations thanks to two funny characters that will guide the presentation. However, these should be exported to applications such as Keynote or PowerPoint , since it does not allow presentations as such. The only drawback is that it is in English, although its use is very intuitive.

Without a doubt, if you want to give a totally different touch to your presentation, this is an alternative that you have to take into account. A funny and humorous touch never hurts to attract attention and make the public smile, so if you want to achieve it, you can do it with this application. You have up to 100 animated GIFs available that are fully available to use in your favorite application, be it Keynote or PowerPoint.

Google Slides

Google Slides

Access Google Slides

Yes you don't want to download any app and even so you want to have a very powerful tool, you have at your disposal the alternative that Google itself puts on the table through the web services to which you have access easily, conveniently and at no cost. As with Apple, Google is also capable of generating high-quality software, in this case a web application where you can unleash all your creativity and transform it into an attractive presentation.

Of course, you don't have to worry if right at the moment you start to make your presentation you don't have the inspiration you expected to have and the one you need to obtain the best possible result. Google Slides has a g wide variety of examples that will surely help you a lot to inspire you and be able to obtain a fantastic result.

LibreOffice Impress

LibreOffice Impress

Access LibreOfficeImpress

Let's go with another alternative completely free, it is LibreOffice Impress, a software that is part of the entire set of productivity applications that LibreOffice has. As you may have deduced from the name, Impress is a open source software , that is, anyone who wants or can has the opportunity to develop tools to make this application a richer and more powerful option. Obviously it is totally free, you just have to go to its website and download the program.

It really is an option to keep in mind if you do not want to complicate your life and want something easy and intuitive of using. It has the basic tools that you have to have an application to carry out presentations, which are more than enough for the vast majority of users who want to obtain attractive results but without complicating their lives excessively.




It is a website that in addition to working perfectly on Mac, we can also use it on our iPad. It is a very simple application to use. In order to use it you need to register. Once we access the web, p we can use one of its thousands of templates to start with our presentation. These templates are divided into themes, for example, if we want to make a presentation for a company, we have the option of several templates with this theme. If what we are looking for is a presentation for class, the option of templates for teaching appears.

Like other websites mentioned above, when creating a user, all the presentations that we have made previously are saved. This allows you to play and modify them from any device without the need to download them, everything is done through the Internet.

Present Present

Present Present

Access Prezi Present

We end with an alternative that gives you the opportunity to create a completely different presentation a the usual ones. Prezi is a multimedia application for creating dynamic presentations but with a totally different approach. At the beginning you have a completely empty canvas that you will have to fill with elements or animations that will form what is known within the tool as smart Structures, which facilitate the organization of all the content.

This application is especially interesting if you want to surprise a your viewers with visual effects, zooms, movements Y colors. It is true that at first, as it is a totally different concept from the usual one, it can shock, however it is a very easy to use and tremendously intuitive tool, you just have to change the concept of traditional presentation. Once you have filled your canvas with intelligent structures you will be able to move between them with total freedom.

Which is the best option?

As we have seen, there are a large number of options when making presentations from the Mac. In addition to those that we all already know, we have discovered that there are many more options to be able to make a slightly different presentation. Each one has different characteristics and they are all good options, but if there is one that stands out above the rest, it is Prezi . It is perhaps one of the best known, but it is that offers many options to create a somewhat varied presentation what we are used to.

Among its strengths is the dynamism it can offer , as well as the animations it has. In addition, we can present our designs as if it were a regular presentation or as if it were a video, without having to change the slide every time we finish reading it. In recent years, updates have greatly improved this application, which has undoubtedly become a strong competitor with PowerPoint and Keynote.

And you, do you know any other application to make presentations on Mac and that you want to recommend us? You can tell us in the comment box.