If you are a developer, you can join TheAwards and get one of its prizes — 2022

iOS developers have the opportunity to submit their work to TheAwards so that they recognize their work, in addition to obtaining interesting prizes.

This event organized by PickASO and TheTool aims to reward developers for their work in a fairly wide list of categories, specifically up to 11 .

One of the requirements is to have at least 5,000 installations of their apps and that have their headquarters in Spain . If you meet at least those two requirements, you can register for this event to potential your application.

TheAwards will promote the winning apps

iOS developersIn addition to seeing how the developed application reaches an important position in the App Store , the developer could get a prize with a total value of €150,000 . This prize will be the sum of all participating companies with some of their services.

The companies that support the awards are well known, among them we find Amazon Web Services, AppSamurai, Sketch, iSocialWeb, Tappx, Acumbamail, SysAdminOk, PickASO and TheTool itself.

of inscription. You do not have to pay anything to participate, it is completely free . Of course, to get more chances of being one of the candidate apps, the developer will have to promote the registration until November 12 , date on which voting will close.

The closing will contemplate the 3 most voted applications of the 11 categories available . With what will arrive a total of 30 applications in total. There will be an award ceremony through ORGANIC (after party included), where this year it will celebrate its fourth edition.

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