If they call you accusing you of calling someone else's girlfriend, calm down, it's a prank call using this app — 2022

If you receive a strange call, in which you are accused of repeatedly calling someone else's girlfriend throughout the night, calm down, you have not done anything wrong, you are suffering from a joke from one of your friends using the application that we bring you in this post.

If this happens to you, don't worry, it's a joke by one of your friends

Today, I have been the victim of a prank, in which an unknown number but with a national prefix calls you. When you pick it up, a voice accuses you of repeatedly calling your girlfriend. throughout the night. At the moment I hung up and after a while I received the recording of that conversation. I had been the victim of a phone prank using an application that will surely start to go viral, I'm talking about the app Prank Dial .

Mythical Simpsons character receiving prank call

With this app, you have a huge list of recordings that you can play by calling someone. Some of these have quite real voices, although others show that they are quite robotic. It is interesting to choose our victim well to prevent him from falling for this joke. There are some that seem to be a scam , as is the case with a recording of an elderly lady who asks you not to hang up and wants to give you 5,000 euros. It is important that, even if it is a prank call, you should never give personal information online to someone you do not know.

Another very funny joke that we find in this application is the call from a radio station who wants to give you a trip with all expenses paid, answering 3 questions of general knowledge that, after all, are not real, and it is so that you fall and say barbaric answers.

This application is totally free because it works by tokens, which you get by watching videos that the application presents to you. Y the use is very simple, you just have to choose the joke, type your friend's phone, and listen live, as if you were calling, How do you react to the joke? At the end, you can save the recording so you can pass it on to the victim and you can laugh.

Leave us in the comments if you have suffered this type of joke and tell us about your experience with this application, do you dare to call any of your friends using this app?