If the motherboard of the MacBook Pro 2018 fails, the data is unrecoverable — 2022

A week ago Apple introduced a new generation of MacBook Pro laptops with Touch Bar that have given a lot to talk about, but not for the better, if not quite the opposite. The problems of this new generation of laptops began from minute 0 of its launch with their high price. It was followed by the ventilation problem that MacBook Pros with an Intel Core i9 chip have due to a flaw in the design of the ventilation slots and the cooling system itself. Today a new problem has arisen: the inability to recover data if the motherboard fails on 2018 MacBook Pros, as collected by our colleagues from ADSLZone.

If your 2018 MacBook Pro's motherboard fails, forget about your data

The problem lies in the motherboard of the new Apple laptops, since if it suffers any problem we can forget to recover our data because they will be lost.

Source: ADSLZone

In the 2016 and 2017 generations of MacBook Pro, Apple incorporated a SSD data recovery system from a specific connection on the motherboard. This connection according to iFixit has disappeared so it will make it impossible to recover data from the SSD if the board 'dies' for any reason.

Why is this happening? Because of Apple's stubbornness when it comes to preventing us from updating our Macs like before, when we could incorporate a larger capacity SSD or upgrade RAM. AND The integrated design of the SSD with the motherboard would have caused the company to eliminate this connection , although it seems that this measure could possibly be based on a security improvement, which some users will not be convinced of. That is why if youMac does not detect the hard drive, you can tremble.

However, some expert s are already investigating whether it is possible to extract the data from the SSD through the Thunderbolt 3 port, something that is not yet confirmed. This makes it very necessary that you make regular backup copies of your hard drive with Time Machine, to avoid losing your information in case of failure, or simply make use of iCloud Drive.

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