If the iPhone camera fails and gives problems, here are solutions — 2022

One of the aspects that has advanced the most in recent years in the iPhone is its cameras, coming to offer impressive possibilities and causing, in many cases, a large number of users to choose to leave the traditional camera at home and use only and exclusively your iPhone to take amazing photos. However, if it fails or has problems, something unusual, you have to know the steps to follow to solve it. We tell you everything in this post.

Are iPhone camera problems common?

As you have been able to read before, it is not very common to meet users who have experienced serious problems with the camera of their iPhone. Beyond lens breakage, due, obviously, to fortuitous blows, it is not very normal for iPhone users to have problems with lenses or the simple process of taking a picture.

Despite this, it may happen that the iPhone presents problems in isolated cases with its camera or one of its lenses, these problems can be very different, but in this post we will propose solutions to all possible scenarios so that, in case it happens to you any of these inconveniences, you can solve it quickly and effectively.

What can happen to the camera?

As we have mentioned before, the problems that we are going to mention below are not usually common, but they can occur in some units, due to misuse of the device or, simply, by agents external to the device. The problems that can occur to your iPhone camera are the following:

  • frozen camera app
  • Black image when going to take a picture.
  • Blurred image.
  • The rear or front camera does not work.
  • The camera app does not appear on the iPhone.

These are the most common problems that can occur with your iPhone and its ability to take photos or videos. Next, we go with the different solutions to these problems that you should know and keep in mind in case at any time you need to apply them. Although we hope that you only have to read this post out of simple curiosity and not because your iPhone's camera works correctly.

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Do this to fix it

Fortunately, if you are unlucky enough that your iPhone's camera breaks down, you have to know that there are different ways to solve and fix the possible failures that it may present, therefore, we recommend that, at least initially, you don't get carried away for the panic that this fatality can produce and take into account the solutions that we propose below.

Goodbye covers or accessories

If you have a case, accessory, or film attached to your iPhone that may be blocking the camera or attaching a magnet, remove it and see if the camera still doesn't work. It is possible that some accessories can block the use of the camera at some point or even due to poor placement of the accessories, so if you are using any accessory with your iPhone's camera and it starts to fail, the first thing you All you have to do is remove said accessory immediately.

In addition, we recommend that you do this act very carefully, it may be that the accessory itself has been able to damage the lens due to poor placement or improper use of it. However, as long as you use such add-ons with care and proper use, they do not have to harm your iPhone's camera.

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Cleanliness is always very important

If the problem with your iPhone camera is that it looks blurry, try a proper cleaning of all its lenses. It happens on many occasions to many users, that when they go to use the iPhone camera they find that the image is blurred or even has too many spots or a color that does not correspond to reality. In this case, the first thing you have to do is rule out that the cause of this anomaly is in the lens itself.

To clean the iPhone lens you have to be very careful since you can damage or scratch it if you don't follow a specific process. Use a microfiber cloth and very gently pass it over the lens, in this way if there is any element that could scratch the lens, you can remove it easily and, above all, without damaging your iPhone's camera.

Rule out problems with your app

If you are taking the photo with the native camera application, try closing the app and reopening it to rule out that it is the app itself that is causing the error. In case you are using another external application, first, close and reopen said app. If the problem persists, check that it is not a problem with said application, for this we recommend that you try to take a photograph with the native app.

If with the native app you can take a picture, the problem was in the photography app you were using, the developers may have solved it with a software update, if not, you will have to stop using said app until it is fixed. solve the problems. Even another possible solution is to take another iPhone that you have at home or that of a relative or friend and try to use that same application to take the photo. It may happen that some internal process of the iPhone that has to do with said app has been blocked and is the cause of the error.

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Restart the iPhone

If none of the above solutions had a positive effect on your iPhone's cameras, it's time to reset your device. It is possible that the problem that is affecting the camera of your device comes because some process of the operating system has been caught or frozen, to solve it you just have to turn off the iPhone and turn it on again.

If possible, we recommend that you close all open applications before restarting your iPhone. Once you have turned off the device, allow a few minutes to pass before turning it on again. With this, what you will achieve is that all the processes that are carried out within the device, and that are invisible to the user, are restarted and everything can work normally again.

What to do if you have not been able to solve it

If you are unlucky enough that none of the solutions we have provided have had any effect, don't worry, the hope of fixing the iPhone and thus solving its camera problems has not come to an end. Below we propose two actions that usually result in the solution of practically all the problems that an Apple device may have.

Restores the operating system

If you have come this far, it is because none of the solutions proposed above have had an effect, therefore, you have to restore the iPhone, that is, reinstall everything from scratch. It may happen that the software of your iPhone has a bug that is causing you to not be able to take photos and videos with your device, therefore, we have to change said software, for this, you will have to restore the iPhone.

Our recommendation is that this restoration be complete, that is, that you leave the iPhone as it was when you took it out of the box for the first time, without loading any backup copy inside the iPhone, since this can mean that if the camera failure is due to a software error, this is carried over with the backup.

Contact Apple Support

If unfortunately you have not been able to solve your problems with the iPhone camera with any of the proposed solutions, it is time that Apple itself is in charge of offering you a solution to your problems. To do this, we recommend that you contact the technical service, you can do it through the Technical Support app or by calling the customer service telephone number, which is 900812703.

Usually the attention that users receive from the Cupertino company is fantastic, therefore, with few exceptions, any Apple worker will assist you and look for all possible solutions so that you can once again enjoy your iPhone's camera with total normality. . Obviously, the cost of these solutions will depend at all times on the guarantee that your iPhone has.

Apple Genius Bar Technical Service

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