Did you know these tricks for Safari on iPhone and iPad? take a look at them — 2022

There are many mobile browsers in iOS but if there is one that stands out, which is also the one that comes installed as standard, it is the native Safari browser. Beyond tastes and comparisons with others like Google Chrome, the truth is that Apple's browser is usually the most used and probably many of the people who use it on a daily basis are unaware of some of its most useful shortcuts when using it.

Tricks for Safari on iPhone or iPad

Statistics show that today the largest internet traffic comes from mobile devices such as the iPhone or tablets such as the iPad. Although it is quite an advantage to be able to access the web from our pocket devices, in the end it is true that certain functionalities existing in desktop browsers are lost. However, the developers of browsers such as Safari offers some small shortcuts so that we miss those features less present in browsing on a Mac or PC .

Safari iPhone

Here are some of the most prominent Safari tricks on iOS:

    Close all tabs at once:Probably on some occasion, and even habitually, it has happened to you to go look at the open tabs in Safari and discover that there are dozens of them open. You could manually close them all one by one, however there is a way to close them all at once. How? Well that's easy, you just have to press and hold on the icon of the tabs in the lower right part and a conceptual menu will appear in which, among other options, you will be offered to close all the windows at the same time. Open recently closed tabs:Haste is not a good companion and surely on some occasion you have closed a tab by mistake. In Safari it is possible to recover that closed session by simply pressing and holding the + button. You will see a list of recently closed tabs appear that you can open again. Find a specific tab:Once again we return to the matter of having several tabs open at the same time, and if you find yourself in that situation and you want to open a specific one but you don't feel like stopping to search manually, you can search for it thanks to Safari's tab search. To access the tab search box, you just have to go to the tab screen and swipe up. Close only some tabs:The tab search function mentioned in the previous point also allows you to close a series of certain tabs and keep the rest open. We will explain it with an example; Imagine that you have been translating several texts and now you want to close those tabs but keep the rest open, because you will have to search for a translator and then press and hold the cancel button and you will be allowed to close all those windows related to translators. Find text on a page:One of the most useful features of desktop browsers is being able to search for a specific word on a web page, but Safari on iOS also has that possibility. The way to do it will be by clicking on the share icon, in the lower center, and searching among the extensions for the option to search on the page. Close tabs from another device:If you have multiple Apple devices like an iPhone with an iPad or Mac, chances are you have iCloud sync turned on. This will allow you to close open windows in Safari on another device. For example, suppose you are using the iPhone and you want to close an open Safari window on the Mac, then you must go to the tabs screen and swipe down to find the open tabs on the Mac and be able to close them from your mobile. Handoff Websites:Another good possibility offered by the synchronization of Apple devices is that of being able to open open windows on other devices. So, if you were reading an interesting article on your iPhone and want to read it at a larger size on your Mac, you can do so by clicking on a small iPhone icon that will appear in Safari. The same thing happens in reverse, being able to open a website on the iPhone that is open on another device. The way to access to do the latter is the same as the one in the section on closing tabs, only instead of closing them you will open them.

Without a doubt, they are tricks that are more than interesting and that go beyond simple things that are done on computers, such as when it comes toclear history on macThesave a web page to PDF. Also, it should be mentioned that in macOS you have the possibility tochange default apps, such as the browser or email, so that those who are not convinced by these functions can opt for other options such as Chrome.

What do you think of these tricks for Safari on iOS? Did you know them? Do you find them useful? Leave us your impressions in the comment box.