I traded my iPhone 7 Plus for a Google Pixel one weekend and this is my experience — 2022

After trying for a weekend the new Google Pixel XL replacing my iPhone 7 Plus , I wanted to share my experience and answer some questions about this device. Many users are still wondering if it is worth changing an iPhone for this new terminal? Will the effort made by Google be enough? Are we facing the best cameras on the market? We will answer all this and much more below.

Exchange the iPhone 7 Plus for the new Google Pixel XL

I am going to be as clear as possible, the Google Pixel is the best Android device I have ever tried, if you buy it you will not regret it, but is it enough to beat its rivals? Without a doubt, we are facing the key question of this device. For me, the ecosystem of Apple borders on perfection , it is extremely complicated to say goodbye to iOS, although it is true that Google also has a great ecosystem (Gmail, YouTube, Drive, etc), I think that when you are already adapted to Apple services and applications it is very difficult to change , however I did it during a weekend.

Google Pixel faces the great Apple, the iPhone 7

The Google Pixel XL is a phone that as soon as you see it for the first time, it gives you the feeling of being in front of an iPhone whose operating system is Android. Similar sizes, very similar edges (although the iPhone has the fingerprint button on its front and the Google Pixel does not), in short, we are before two physically similar devices. While it's true that the iPhone 7 Plus is a pretty slim phone, I haven't had the impression of having a much thicker phone than the iPhone in my hands. To finish on the subject of appearance, I would like to say that the Pixel has its own identity , many people say that they like the design, there are also those who consider it ugly... I prefer to maintain my opinion: has its own identity and that's important , the bad thing about this new identity for Google is that people do not agree if they like it or not.

The hardware of this device is the latest in its market, Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, 4 GB memory and all the list that we can imagine with the best internal components. as you can imagine, the fluidity of Android on this device is unquestionable. In this section I have not missed the fluidity of iOS, everything opens correctly, without appreciable failures in the system and with a speed that is not found in many devices on the market. In this section there is a clear tie between the Pixel XL and my iPhone 7 Plus.

We will make a comparison of photographs in another article

We come to the subject of cameras, here is a fierce war between the manufacturers, having tried both devices, I can only summarize my experience with one sentence: We are facing the best cameras in the mobile market . The score given by DxOMark to the Pixel camera is no coincidence, these cameras offer a incredible photographic level by Google and Apple.

Which of these two is better?

We are in front of excellent photos, with a lot of definition, vibrant colors in both (in my opinion, the Pixel saturates the photos more than in the iPhone 7 Plus ), nothing that makes a big difference between the two. If like me, all you want is to take out your smartphone and take a picture immediately, these devices are perfect for you. We will develop this point in another article that we will write soon with the anxious comparison. It will be worth it.

To finish I want to talk about the software and the price of this device, first about the price. They say that the Google Pixel XL is an expensive phone, I have the opinion that if a price is high, it does not mean that it is expensive and the Pixel is the clear example of my statement . True, this is a device that is worth a lot but it will give you a unique user experience, with an impressive camera, fluidity throughout the system and the security of having one of the best brands in the world in case you have any problems with the device, all that has to be paid for and the price of the Pixel proves it. I have the same opinion of the iPhone. S if something is really good you have to pay for it and not complain that it could cost less . However, I think Google's big problem lies in this last point.

The main problem of the Pixel is Android in the rest of the manufacturers

Android may be the real problem for Google and its expansion of the Pixel With this I do not mean that Android is a problem as such, I particularly like iOS, I feel very comfortable after so many years but Google has a problem with Android. If a phone like the OnePlus 3T gives you a similar user experience (pretty much the same software as you), the same (or even better) hardware specifications with a final price less than half that of the Google Pixel, why Are you going to switch to one of the new Google phones? So it's very difficult to sell your product.

Google has realized that to succeed in the world of mobile phones the key lies in the integration of hardware and software . At the moment, I think they have started on the right track, it does not reach Apple's seniority but it has started very strong, nevertheless the market needs more differentiating novelties to opt for its devices (not enough Google Assistant and an incredible camera), as long as there are options on the market with the same software and hardware for half the price, the Pixel will not have much to look for, however, I think Google knows this and as it presents new features in the next months and years, we will see a greater differentiation between its software and that of the rest of the manufacturers that also use Android , an option that will end up giving them greater exclusivity, justifying the high price of a device that has fairly earned being Apple's main competitor within the high-end Android smartphone.