Hurry up! The best free and reduced games for a limited time — 2022

The weekend is approaching, a few ideal days to start playing with your mobile or tablet. That is why we have thought that there is no better way to start it than with a new game like the ones we bring you below. These games are free for a limited time on iPhone and iPad, while others have a hefty temporary discount.

Free games for a limited time

Touchgrind BMX

Descargar QR-Code Touchgrind BMX Developer: Illusion Labs
    Category:Recreational. Weight:421,9 MB. Devices:iPhone and iPad. Compatibility:iOS 9 and later. Recommended age:+4. Idiom:Spanish and 12 more. Description:This game has been recognized numerous times as one of the best of its kind. Its mechanics are simple and attractive, since it tries to simulate the races and challenges of the legendary BMX bikes. It allows you to customize them and make them more powerful as you progress and gain experience. You can also challenge your friends online.

Super Lines

Descargar QR-Code Super Lines Developer: Waterpower Technology
    Category:Strategy. Weight:10,1 MB. Devices:iPhone and iPad. Compatibility:iOS 8 and later. Recommended age:+4. Idiom:English. Description:Classic arcade-style game in which you'll have to drive a kind of digital worm through the universe while avoiding your opponents or trying to eat them. It contains four game modes: classic, modern, survival and madness. Hours of entertainment guaranteed.

Alaron – Game Club

Descargar QR-Code Aralon: Sword and Shadow Developer: GameClub
    Category:Action. Weight:589 MB. Devices:iPhone and iPad. Compatibility:iOS 11 and later. Recommended age:+9. Idiom:English. Description:Fun role-playing game in which you will have to put yourself in the shoes of a character from the Kingdom of Alaron, who is on the verge of ruin and you will be the one in charge of saving this destiny. You will explore all the landscapes in an open world, you will fight against the most feared monsters, you will solve challenging missions and you will have to recover lost treasures.

Discounted games on the App Store

This is the Police 2

Descargar QR-Code This Is the Police 2 Developer: HandyGames
    Discount:5 euros. Category:Adventure. Weight:1,1 GB. Devices:iPhone and iPad. Compatibility:iOS 10 and later. Recommended age:+17. Idiom:Spanish and 10 more. Description:Sequel to the popular This is the Police, in which you have to become the head of the sheriff's department, control the policemen, carry out investigations, interrogations and even guide criminals to jail. You will be able to take justice on your own by taking the laws as you see fit. An interesting challenge in a simulation game.


Descargar QR-Code SpellForce - Heroes & Magic Developer: HandyGames
    Discount:1 euro. Category:Strategy. Weight:469 MB. Devices:iPhone and iPad. Compatibility:iOS 8 and later. Recommended age:+9. Idiom:Spanish and 10 more. Description:The fantastic saga of SpellForce takes a new turn making this adventure even more epic and exciting. You will be able to create your own empire, explore new lands and battle against your enemies in a spectacular setting where the graphics will make you fully immerse yourself in its history.

Space Agency 2138

Descargar QR-Code Space Agency 2138 Developer: Nooleus
    Discount:2 euros. Category:Strategy. Weight:49,9 MB. Devices:iPhone. Compatibility:iOS 12 and later. Recommended age:+4. Idiom:English. Description: Entertaining video game in which you will have to delve fully into a space agency that is located in the not too distant future. You will be able to build rockets, space stations, discover new planets and exploit their resources. You can earn (virtual) money if you know how to control the new landscape well. .

And you, have you tried any of these games already? What did you think? You can leave us your impressions in the comment box.