How to watch the Real Madrid vs Liverpool Champions League final on an iPhone or iPad — 2022

Yes, surely you are thinking that the match of the final of the Champions League it is open. It is true, but sometimes many users, for whatever reason, do not have access to a nearby television and need or want Watch the match through an app anywhere else.

We remember that the party of Real Madrid with Liverpool , will take place tonight from 8:45 p.m., but where surely, long before, there will be a very interesting preview.

This party is broadcast on Antenna 3 , from the Atresmedia group, so iOS users will be able to follow the match without any problem since this group has a dedicated official application to watch content online and on demand.

How to watch the Champions League match

App TV Online Champions League

As we have commented, Antenna 3 has a official app for this, so the most recommended thing is that you download it and do some testing beforehand, since it does not usually have many positive ratings in the App Store.

If you are looking for an alternative to watch the game on your iPhone or iPad, you have many interesting applications, one of them is My Online TV . Where it allows us to watch the game at the highest quality and without delays. Of course, to remove all advertising, you will have to pay to unlock the ads.

If you have contracted with your operator a package from television , possibly you can access online television through one of its applications. For example, Vodafone offers a service to watch all pay TV content through its app, where, of course, you will also have access to the game.

In the case of the official application of Antenna 3 , we recommend that you register beforehand to have a better user experience, such as the quality HD on your devices. Now all that's left is for time to pass quickly before the match of the final of the Champions League and that Real Madrid bring to Spain the third consecutive orejona.