How to view purchased apps Family Sharing — 2022

Many of you will have a shared account In family , where you can share your apps, Apple Music, or even iCloud Drive space. At the moment, it is only possible to see the purchases of each one of the members of the account if we access them directly , if we are browsing the App Store, we will not have any prior notice until we buy the application. We remember that we can even have a minor as a member and configure purchases prior authorization , If necessary.

What happens if I buy an app that a family member already had?

If the application has already been purchased by another family member, an informative message will appear warning us (as long as the apps are shared). From there, it will give us two options .

the first will be descargar the application without paying for it again, the second will be to pay for it to own it . Let's not forget that if we leave a Family Sharing account, we will not have the privilege of having the applications that have been purchased by another member.

Not all apps are set up for family sharing, nor do they all support share in-app purchases , but in case they are, we should not have any kind of problem.

As we mentioned at the beginning, there is also the possibility of entering the purchases of another member and search manually the application we want. Yes, this member has it, we can download it from their own listing.

To see the purchases of other family members, we have to enter the App Store, click on our name and then on Bought .

In this section will appear My shopping , where our own purchases will appear. Just below, we will see the family members. If we click on each of the members, we will have a list of all their applications.

The order of the applications is by download date , from the most recent to the oldest. Luckily, we have a search engine to find our desired app.

We insist that this method is to review the applications and be able to download them directly from there, but if we want an application that has already been purchased by a member, the App Store will notify us to download it for free or buy it on our own.

Apps, music, location or iCloud space, you can enable it from your Apple ID on your iOS device. Here you will be in control of what you want to share with other family members.

You already know how to search the applications of the members that you have group in family and what would happen if you buy the same as one of the associate members. So download calmly, you will not be charged twice (unless you want to own it). This is an advantage that for sure at some point and another will make you save money because some member of your family already bought thatapp to learn german, aapp to take care of plantsor the application you were looking for to see the stars.

Do you usually share applications As a family? Did you find this information useful?