How to View iTunes and App Store Purchase History on iPhone — 2022

If you want to watch the history of your purchases you make from iTunes or the App Store , you can do it directly from your iPhone or iPad.

The procedure is quite simple, you just have to access apple id from the settings and go to the iTunes and App Store section.

Thanks to this mode we will not need a Mac or PC with iTunes to see all our purchases made in any of the apple stores.

We can only see the purchases

The iTunes Store, iBook Store, and the App Store.

At the moment, we can only review our purchases , giving as the only option the forwarding of the purchase invoice. As long as the application or service is paid, if it is free, we can only see the type of purchase and the date.

In order to access the purchase history, we have to follow this steps :

  • Anger Settings
  • Click on our Apple ID
  • Click on View Apple ID
  • Select Shopping history

You already have it now you can select the range of the last 90 days, current year or previous year . In each option, it marks the applications that we have downloaded, whether they are purchased or free.

The difference that we found with the iTunes version is that we can't cancel a purchase of some application. From iTunes, we simply have to select the application that we want to return, mark a reason and they will automatically refund the amount of it.

To return an application, we must do so before the 14 days from purchase . Note that Apple usually penalizes this type of return, where it is very likely that if you return some applications, the next purchases you will not be able to download them unless you check a box where you indicate that you you agree not to return it .

How about being able to see your purchase history from your iPhone or iPad itself? Would you like to be able to cancel purchases without relying on iTunes?