How to type on Mac without getting tired by not having to use your hands — 2022

If you are tired of making daily reports about work or university, dictation may be one of the best options for you. With this simple function you save yourself from having to type for hours since you will simply have to speak to the computer so that it starts transcribing automatically.

What to look for in dictation apps

Dictation apps are important to choose wisely. In the end, it is important to have something with a certain quality installed, since if every 5 words you have to make a correction, it is not worth having an application of this type. That is why the most important thing to keep in mind is the artificial intelligence that integrates the developer to be able to detect your own words or detect the words in a text to read them aloud.

This also leads to a problem of Privacy . Keep in mind that all applications that are free have some secret behind it, since whoever develops it must have some income. This is why we should always opt for those applications that have a payment system and are not totally free. This is really important, especially if you work with compromised information, since they will always have access to everything you are saying and possibly store it.

The applications that will turn you from voice to text

on the market right now not too many quality apps that they are capable of transcribing a text that you yourself are saying by your voice. This is because voice recognition is not really easy and requires advanced and accurate software. If this is not found, really optimized, there is a serious problem in this sense since the experience is mediocre. That is why right now you cannot find many applications with this functionality on the Mac.

Siri can help you with dictation

Apple itself makes a native dictation system available to its Mac users. This makes it unnecessary to install any type of third-party application and the truth is that it works really well. The siri artificial intelligence act positively in this situation by not having to type to write a report. Simply by clicking a button you can start talking while your computer makes a record of them.

Siri dictation

This is a functionality that is designed for people who have disabilities, but like many others it is also put to practical use in the day-to-day life of many people without disabilities. To activate it, simply move along the route Preferences > Keyboard > Dictation and check the corresponding box. From this moment when you are going to write, press the microphone of the function key or follow the path Edit > Start dictation. From here you can enjoy while you see how the computer writes everything you are saying for you.

Dictate – Speak to text


This app allows you to dictate, record, translate and transcribe text instead of handwriting. It makes use of more advanced technology when it comes to voice recognition. This is a really important part as the app must be able to know what you are saying at all times so you don't have to use the keyboard at any time. The clearest example they give is that of messaging applications where most are compatible with this dictation service.

It's compatible with over 40 different languages of dictation having the possibility of having 3 languages ​​simultaneously in the dictation. This is useful if you are dictating in several languages ​​at the same time or have different projects open. Also, if you have a recording that you want to be included in the text you are doing, you can also do it. You simply have to start playing it and the program will detect the recorded voice and it will begin to appear on your screen.

Dictate - Speech to text Dictate - Speech to text Descargar QR-Code Dictate - Speech to text Developer: Christian Neubauer

Transcribe speeches

transcribe speeches

Voice assistant that allows you to transcribe as many vzo notes as entire videos in text. Artificial intelligence technologies are used to carry out this process almost instantly. This way you will forget about write meeting reports, or transcribe lectures and even create subtitles for a video that you are going to publish. With this technology you will have the text ready to be read, translated or shared with anyone you want.

This Mac app is capable of transcribing video or voice notes and supports 120 different languages ​​and dialects. In order to improve the experience, you can export any type of file from Dropbox or other cloud applications where you have your audio or video stored. For free, you will have 15 minutes to translate what you want, but after that you will have to pay for the premium version that allows you to have unlimited access to all the translation tools for as long as you want.

Transcribe Discursos ->Text Transcribe Discursos ->  <a rel=Descargar QR-Code Transcribe Speeches -> Text Developer: DENIVIP

Voice Dictation

Transcribe Speeches -img src=

This application makes use of artificial intelligence to be able to recognize your voice easily. In this way, as its name indicates, you will be able to dictate the message to see it instantly in the message or in the email that you want to send. According to the developer's own studies, it is up to five times faster to make a dictation than to type in a traditional way. The only problem with it is that it has a old fashioned design and a lot of importance is given to certain technological aspects that are no longer relevant, such as SMS or Facebook statuses.

Beyond this, we can highlight the inclusion of different voice commands that are focused on correcting words, as well as the possibility of creating a list to make it much more comfortable for you. That is why, in the long run, the program ends up learning from you, although you will also have to force it to do so by creating these lists. This will always ensure that the text is more faithful to what you are saying by voice.

Voice dictation Voice Dictation Descargar QR-Code Voice Dictation Developer: Emanuele Floris

Listen to your texts on Mac

In the opposite case, you can find the possibility of listening to the text you have on the computer. This is ideal especially if you are a student who wants to be studying some type of class document while you are doing another secondary task. Here we show you the most important ones that can be found in the Mac App Store.


Voice Dictation

Application that allows you to listen to your files in a comfortable way. The only drawback you may have is that you can't import PDF files. Tea practically forces to have the txt format, although you can also enter the text by simply copying and pasting it into the blank text box that appears when you run the application. That is why you can have an extremely clean interface, which is the most important thing in these cases.

Beyond this, the application allows you to generate audio files with the texts that you have entered. In this way you can quickly export it to any device to always have it accessible at the moment. It should be noted that within the program the reading speed can be edited and different voices can be installed through the system's own preferences.

SpeakLine SpeakLine Descargar QR-Code SpeakLine Developer: Alexander Kassner

Text To Speech Pro


Minimalist application that has an incredible design to fulfill the task at hand: listen to the text. just open it you will be able to visualize a window to introduce the text with a flat format. It can be assimilated to a simple notepad that you have on any device without the option to include any type of format. You will simply have to write the text or copy and paste it from another document by clicking on the 'play' button to start listening to all the text itself.

Although it is a simple application, the truth is that it has some limitations that you may end up missing. For example, at first it does not work perfectly with Spanish and is very focused on English, although it can also work with Latin languages ​​in general. In addition, at first this application is free, although to use the full version a payment must be made.

TEXT TO SPEECH PRO Text To Speech Pro Descargar QR-Code Text To Speech Pro Developer: Rozga Wojciech

Speech Central

Text To Speech Pro

This is one of the best applications that you can find in the Mac App Store to be able to convert your texts to audio format in a comfortable way. This has meant that on numerous occasions it has been nominated as one of the applications. As we have mentioned before, they have an important application, especially in the field of accessibility. But you'll also save a lot of time when reading the different reports by being able to listen to them at any time while you're doing something else.

It should be noted that it has one of the best supports with web pages to be able to read news, being compatible with RSS feeds as well as with Pocket. All the texts you have on your computer can be heard, integrating PDF, Word, OpenOffice formats and all those related to electronic books. The only drawback is that it has a download price of 9.99 euros.

Speech Central Speech Central: Text to Speech Descargar QR-Code Speech Central: Text to Speech Developer: labsii

Which is the most recommended?

There are many applications that we have discussed throughout this article, but there are undoubtedly some that are better than others. In the case of voice-to-text applications, it is best to use the Dictate app and even Apple's own native feature via Siri . We believe that it is very clean and simple to use that allows you to have at your fingertips to go from voice to text without having to complicate your life at all by having to press a simple button and start speaking to transcribe it digitally.

In the second of the cases that we have raised, to go from text to speech, the most recommended application is SpeakLine . The most important reason that we can have on the table is the fact of opting for the fact of storing the file generated with the text. That is to say, of all the words that you have put in the text box you will not have to reproduce them at the moment on the Mac but you will export them to an .mp3. Then you can transfer it to your mobile to start playing it wherever and whenever you want.