How to transfer our data from an Android phone to an iPhone — 2022

When we want to make a change of mobile phone and we decide to completely change the ecosystem, we have to take into account that we must transfer all our data from one device to another. This operation that a priori can be quite heavy, It can be done in a very simple way using the tools of Dr.Fone . In this article we tell you how you can do it and not die trying.

Transferring your data from Android to iPhone is really easy

To carry out this data transfer, which obviously includes the Mac .

Once we have this application open on our PC or Mac we will see that we get numerous options that we have already talked aboutin different items. us this time we are going to focus on the data transfer tool. In order to carry out this process, obviously we must have both devices connected via USB to our computer where we have Dr.Fone installed.

transfer data android iphone dr fone

When we make sure that we have both devices connected, we must select the Copy option from among all those that we have available in the application.

Once we are inside the 'Copy' tool, a screen will appear where we must be sure that Which is the source device and which is the destination device? . It is very easy to exchange your papers in the button of Flip that we find in the middle part. Obviously, we must know where we want to extract the information from and where we want to send it, being extremely important not to make any mistake in this step. On the target phone at the bottom we see a very interesting option of Clear data before copy , to leave this device clean before transferring all our data.

transfer data android iphone dr fone

In the center of the window, between both devices we can select what we want to copy . We can select both SMS, contacts, calendars, photos, videos or music, highlighting that we can transfer contacts from social networks like Twitter as long as we have the session started.

When we have all the data we want to transfer selected, we will click on Start and the process will start, which is generally really fast, but obviously it will take more or less depending on the amount of data to be transferred.

How do you see, transfer data from Android to iPhone with dr.fone is really easy. We recommend you try the free trial of this application, and then assess whether or not it is worth buying a license.