How to speed up Time Machine backups — 2022

When we make a backup copy on our hard drive, something that we all have to do with our Macs, in Time Machine we have the negative that it takes a century to make this backup. I have experienced this today when I have made a new backup, and it is normal that the first copy takes longer than normal, and that is why searching the internet I have seen a command that introduces these copies in Terminal they will be faster. I have found this command on the web of the colleagues of faq-mac, which on this occasion has been my source and they serve tospeed up Mac backups with Time Machine.

Speed ​​up Time Machine backups with this command

The first backups, due to the large amount of data, as they include the entire operating system itself, with applications, documents... have a very long waiting time. In order to speed up this process, Open Terminal and enter the following command:


this command I have tried it personally , and I can guarantee you that it is quite useful for these backups, so it is completely reliable.

Entering this command changes the priority level to this backup process, giving it the highest priority. When the priority goes up, the resources that are supplied to the backup are higher and therefore, the backup in Time Machine it will be done faster having to spend less time with the hard drive plugged in and waiting for it to finish.

But, what if we want to disable it? We simply have to change the zero at the end of the command that we have previously for a 1. The command would be:


You enter this in the terminal and everything will be as before , lowering the priority of backups. If you don't want to enter this command, just restart your Mac and you're done. In this way you will keep your files safe in case you want torestore macOS with Time Machine.

I hope this post has been helpful to you, and if you have tried it, leave your comments in the comment box.