How to solve the Movistar problem with YouTube and Google — 2022

Today we comment you an issue what had Movistar with Google and YouTube services . The company has not yet given us a solution, but here we tell you how to fix it temporarily.

Where is the problem?

As we already mentioned, neither Movistar nor Alphabet have declared anything . For now, the only thing we know is that Movistar is working on it, but they have not given many more details. It remains to confirm that they say where the problem comes from, in addition to confirming that it is theirs.

Even so, the community is very large, and the operator's users are many, so the most experienced have already begun to investigate. Several have come to the conclusion that the problem may be in Movistar's DNS. So At Apple 5×1 we came up with a simple way to fix this problem. , or at least until Movistar solves it...

Even so, the doubts are served, since the same solutions could be used to solve two different problems. So until Movistar says something we will not know if it is a DNS or connectivity problem . In fact, after carrying out a test we can see that Movistar's DNS gives a different IP to the IP given by Google. But is it a problem because the DNS resolves the request poorly or because there are connectivity problems with that IP?

DNS servers or connectivity problem?

How to temporarily solve this Movistar and Google problem?

Since the problem is with Movistar's DNS, the solution goes through change dns . And which ones? Well, anyone is free to choose, but we have carried out the tests with the Google Public DNS . And the result? The result is that Google and YouTube no longer give any problems, so we can confirm that the problem has been fixed...

How to fix it on macOS

Doing this on macOS is very simple. First of all, we should go to System preferences and there we go Red . Once there we go to the DNS tab in the window that appears when you click Advanced .

There we will give the + in the column of DNS servers , and we will leave the ones that appear below (in the case of Google DNS):

Solve Movistar problem with Google on macOS.

How to fix it on iOS

In iOS the procedure is very simple. First we have to go to Settings . There we will go to Wi-Fi , and we will click on the i button of the WiFi network to which we are connected.

Once we are there, in the DHCP tab we will modify the field that says DNS To configure our alternative DNS servers (in this case Google DNS):

Solve the Movistar DNS problem on iOS (change the DNS).

How to fix it on other operating systems

The procedure is very similar in case of Linux, Windows and Android. just find out how change DNS servers in your operating system and replace those of the Spanish operator with others, such as those of Google.

A universal solution for all devices

Still, there is a better solution that fixes all devices at once, although it requires a bit more knowledge. This consists of change DNS servers in own router . Even so, it is possible that after changing this in the router, the devices take time to pick up the new DNS.

Example of how to change the DNS servers in a Movistar router. In this case we access and click on the Wireless Network button.

If it's a connectivity issue, VPNs are your best friend

All the measures we have seen so far are based on change dns by others. From what we have seen, this is the fastest way to fix this problem, since it does not require installing anything, just changing two IPs.

But if the p problem is connectivity , changing the DNS may not solve your problem. Therefore, use a VPN it is the most reliable option. Specifically, in this case it is best to use a VPN that is hosted in other country , so we ensure a different route to Google servers. And what VPN services can we use? There are many of them, but I would like to make a brief mention of TunnelBear, since it can not only be installed as an application, but it can also be installed as a plugin for Google Chrome, making installation easier for those less familiar.

A VPN connection sends all of our encrypted traffic through a private server.


As we can see, this is a solution quite homemade to solve Movistar's problems with YouTube and Google services. Still, it will serve us as long as the operator doesn't fix it...

Once it's fixed just delete the new DNS, and the operating system will put it back as it was. Otherwise, these are the Movistar DNS servers (currently giving problems):