How to schedule a weekly cleaning from your iPhone — 2022

For our floors to be very clean, we must take care of them and occasionally vacuum and scrub them, something obvious. What may not be so obvious is that we can use our iPhone to have the floors clean all week, scheduling the day and time that best suits us. The combination of our smartphone with the robot Yeedi 2 Hybrid It can bring us so much joy.

This is a robot vacuum cleaner with some extremely interesting features, at the level of the best, but with a price much lower than that of other, much better-known devices of this type.

Yeedi 2 Hybrid: how it is

As we have already told you lines above, we are facing a robot vacuum cleaner and mop with specifications that could be placed in much more renowned devices. It is a robot with measures within the market average, since it has 350 mm in diameter, 77 mm in height and 3 kilograms of weight, in addition to good ergonomics that allows you to reach areas of difficult access.

Have two different deposits , since one of them is used to accumulate the ones that it sucks up (430 ml) while the other is dedicated to the water that it must carry when we put it in the scrubbing function (240 ml).

Yeedi 2 Hybrid

The suction system has a power of 2,500 Pa beside HEPA filters high efficiency to trap all types of particles. In this section, the robot is extremely efficient and achieves a very effective cleaning. In addition, by carrying a camera on top and using the technology Smart Navi 2.0 , is capable of carrying out a highly precise mapping of all the rooms in our house, something that we can manage in the application that we have to install on our iPhone.

For scrubbing we have two types of mop to place, a disposable type and another that we can reuse. Scrubbing is something that it does quite well, although its strong point is undoubtedly vacuuming.

Yeedi 2 Hybrid cleaning

The autonomy it promises is 200 minutes with a single charge (5,200 mAh battery), having a system to return to the base when it runs out of battery, so that as soon as it is complete, return to the place where I left it and continue cleaning, if that were the case.

Mobile application: weekly cleaning

In order to work with the Yeedi 2 Hybrid we must download the application of the device and install it on our iPhone. When opening the application, the first thing we have to do is register and then synchronize the robot with our smartphone and our red WiFi , which must be in the 2.4 GHz band, since it is not compatible with 5 GHz.

just to make it we must follow the instructions that the application tells us, since it is very simple and everything is explained step by step so that everyone can understand it.

app Yeedi

Once we have the Yeedi 2 Hybrid linked to our Wi-Fi and smartphone, it is time to find out how we can program it so that the robot cleans at the time and day that we indicate. You just have to follow these steps:

  • If we are in the main screen of the application, we must go down until we find a section where it says Cleaning program.
  • At that moment, as it is the first time we enter, we will see that the window comes out empty. Now we click on the symbol + in blue that appears at the top right of the screen.

program Yeedi app

  • At that moment we will see another window with several options to configure:
    • The first is the program type which is kept in Auto , since it is the one that should be used.
    • later we will see set time , the place where we must put what time we want your work to start.
    • In the third option it shows us Repeat and if we click on the blue option on the right, we will see how it offers us several options: just once, every day, from Monday to Friday, weekends or personalized, where we can choose exactly the days to our liking .
    • Once we have chosen it, we simply click on Save (top right).
  • We will already have the robot configured to get it to clean the days and at the time that we want.

Yeedi app

As you have been able to read, it is very easy to have our floors extremely well cared for when we deem it appropriate with the robot. Yeedi 2 Hybrid .

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