How to repair your iOS device without sacrificing all your data — 2022

Our Apple devices They are not immune to possible failures such as getting stuck in a process or the damn recovery screen appears. That is why we must resort to tools to be able torepair our iPhonewithout losing our personal information. In this case we are going to talk about Dr.Fone , an amazing app that It will allow you to repair your iPhone or iPad and also recover all your data. You will find all the information of this application here, on its official website , as well as the process to get a license.

If you have any problem with your iOS device, dr.fone is your solution

In the following video, Fernando Del Moral gives us a tour of this application that you cannot miss:

This app is located available for both Windows and Mac , no matter what operating system you have, you won't have any problems using dr.fone. As soon as we enter the program we can see numerous options, but we are going to stop at the Recovery.

When opening this tab the application will analyze and show our files. If for example our iPhone is frozen and we have to do a recovery with iTunes not being able to access our information, With this program we will scan the information of our terminal and we will be able to export it to our computer. For me, something vital if we have a problem with our iPhone or iPad.

With this program we will also have the option of transfer . Here we will have three functionalities: transfer our digital content from iPhone to iTunes, although it can also be done in reverse and more interestingly, transfer your entire photo library from your iPhone or iPad to your computer. Everything will be saved in a folder, forgetting about having to select one by one since with a simple click this transfer will be done. In transfers we will have the option to filter what we want to import or export: music, photos, apps, files...

Among the rest of the functionalities, we find Copy. Here we will connect two devices to our computer and copy everything on one mobile to another. Very simple and useful if we are going to make a device change. In Backup and restore , we can create a backup of our terminal or perform a restoration if we already have this copy. In the backup of our files something that has surprised us is that we can even save our WhatsApp messages.

And the most interesting functionality of this program is that of Repair. With this tab we can repair any type of iOS device, being able to use it when, for example the screen stays blank or with the apple logo, and it does not respond unless we connect it to iTunes . And the most important thing about this is that We will not lose any information. dr.fone will help us throughout this repair process in a very intuitive way.

The last two functions we see is Eraser, that will allow us to delete information permanently, something very useful when we want to eliminate personal documents without leaving a trace. And the last one we see is Unlock , will allow us to delete the unlock code of our device to be able to continue using it if unfortunately we have forgotten it, doing a restoration.

As you can see, this application is vital if you have an iOS device since it allows us to do everything and in a very simple way, even repair our iPhone or iPad if necessary. If you want more information about this application I recommend that you go to their website where you can purchase it for both iOS and Windows and take a free trial to see if it convinces you or not.