The way to recover your deleted apps on iPhone — 2022

Surely on some occasion you have deleted an application that you later wanted to recover. If you remember the name of this app, everything will be very simple, because just by accessing the App Store and searching for it, you will find it; however, the problem comes when you don't remember the exact name of the app. Well, in this post we will show you how to recover uninstalled apps from your iPhone or iPad in a really fast and simple way.

Why are you interested in recovering an application?

Deleting apps can be useful on many occasions to optimize the storage of a device and have a few more megabytes or gigabytes of free memory. However, sometimes it may be the case that we delete apps by mistake and then want to recover them. The process that we must follow to do this, whether on an iPhone or an iPad, is really simple. surely here You have seen yourself represented on more than one occasion. And above all you will start to tremble when you do not know the name of the application that you just deleted. This is due to the fact that the names of the apps are increasingly difficult to memorize due to their complexity.

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But especially when we are dealing with an application that is important to carry out normal work activity, it is logical that someone would get nervous when they do not know the name. But you should know that there are different steps to be able to know this name in the App Store itself. Below we show you the details.

How to restore app download

The first thing to keep in mind, and as we have mentioned before, is that if you have the name of the application in question, it can be very easy to recover. Simply, you have to enter the name and start downloading it as usual. But if you don't know the name, you're going to have to choose to perform the following steps on your iPhone or iPad:

  1. open the App Store on your device.
  2. If you are on iOS 13/iPadOS 13 or a later version, you must access the upper right tab in which it appears your photo . If you're on iOS 12 or earlier, you'll need to go to Updates to see your photo.
  3. Once here click on Bought and you will see two tabs appear. In the first one, called Todo, there are all the apps that you have ever installed on that device. Under the Not on this iPhone/iPad tab is everything you installed on other computers.
  4. Search the list for app you want to recover and click on the cloud icon that appears on the right to download it again.

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As you will see, the process to recover an application is really simple. Also, it is very interesting take a look at the entire list of apps that we have ever installed , since there we can see some other that we had forgotten and that we may be interested in having again on our iPhone or iPad. Keep in mind that you have access to a history of everything you've downloaded.

In addition, many other downloads can also be found in this history. In the event that you are in an Apple family group, you will have access to all the downloads that the rest of the members have made. This can be useful if you don't know exactly what to download to try right now on your iPhone or iPad. Keep in mind that this is information that, above all, the organizer will be able to consult, who is ultimately the one who establishes the download rules and also who establishes the payment method used.

Cases in which it will be impossible to recover it

There are some situations where even if you want to get back the app that you have lost, it is completely impossible. The situation can occur in which it has completely disappeared from the app store, but also because the purchase that has been made has been refunded, as long as it was a one-time payment. We delve much deeper into these details below.

Disappears from the App Store

In the App Store there are many rules that exist to be able to keep an application public. Periodically, different controls are passed in order to have the current application. But on many occasions Apple is forced to withdraw an application because it does not comply with the established norms so that the community is safe, or simply the developer has decided to withdraw it. That is why, even if you have the name or it appears in the history, it will be impossible to download it once it has been uninstalled.

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Keep in mind that when an application disappears from the App Store it is not automatically removed from the devices you have installed. That is why it is not that it disappears from one moment to another, but that you yourself have it installed and you will only notice its absence when you try to reinstall it. Another effect that you will feel is that you will not receive updates on a regular basis, but the developer may also have some notice. In the history you can get the name, even if it is deleted, although possibly without the logo.

Another situation is geography. There are applications that are limited to very specific regions. This means that if you are in Spain you cannot download an app that is available in the United States App Store. This is a limitation that few people are aware of, but it is something that you can come across when trying to reinstall an app and not finding it.

You refunded the purchase of the app

In the App Store you can find applications that are free, but also others that are paid. In this case, keep in mind that you can do some tricks with the applications. They are first downloaded, paying the price that is established in the application store. But then the refund is made, making the money again in the account. But what happens is that the application can continue to be used, making it only impossible to access updates.

Although obviously in this situation, if you delete the application after having reimbursed it in your wallet or current account, you will not be able to download it for free. You will have to choose to pay for it again and it is possible that later the return will not be recognized because you have not done it previously and thus trigger some alarms.