How to measure internet speed on your iPhone and iPad — 2022

Nowadays, we all want to have the fastest internet connection possible. The fact that a large file is downloaded in a few seconds is vital for many people, or that a website does not take longer than necessary. If you've ever had slowdown problems, or are just curious, we'll tell you how to measure internet speed.

Measure internet speed on an iPhone or iPad it can be really simple with the means available. In this case, different previous points must be taken into account to carry out the correct measurement, and also take into account that it can be done to the data network, but also to the Wi-Fi connection.

What do you do before taking the speed test?

As is logical, obtaining a reliable result should always prevail when doing this test. That is why it is not recommended in any case to do the test suddenly, but to follow some relevant advice in order to have the best possible experience.

Close processes that use the internet

It is important to note that one of the basic rules to follow is to avoid having any program that uses the Internet network. It should be noted, for example, download some file through safari or a background app that is constantly updated with internet connectivity. Obviously, when you have to measure the Internet connection, you must avoid using the bandwidth for other different tasks.

What we recommend in these cases is to prevent the browser from being active through downloads. It also applies to not having many tabs open that need to be constantly charged. This is in addition to the recommendation not to have applications in the background that have the need to be downloading from the network constantly. In this way, in the end, you will have the best possible result when it comes to obtaining the most reliable result possible.

It will consume data from your rate

As we have mentioned before, the speed test can be carried out both on your data connection and on the Wi-Fi network to which you are connected. At the second of these you should not have any problem when doing it because you will not have any type of contracted internet bonus. Namely, you can consume as much as you want without any problem . But this changes when we talk about the data network, in which there is normally a limited amount of data.

That is why you must make sure very well before doing the speed test. If you do not want to consume your contracted data, you must have Wi-Fi activated and mobile data off. Keep in mind that the maximum point of downloading and uploading data is sought. This can cause your contracted rate to be consumed in a few seconds, and even extra charges to be applied that will arrive on the next bill.

Better to have few devices connected

It is a reality that today you can find really saturated internet networks. This means that many connected electronic devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi. Smart televisions, mobiles, plugs, speakers... Virtually everything can be connected to the same network and obviously, in the end, the bandwidth is seriously compromised when making the measurement.

iphone wifi failure

What all experts recommend in this regard is that you leave the network as clean as possible. That is, that you do this measurement first thing in the morning before turning on anything or even manually disconnecting everything you have. In this way you will be able to have a clean network and that all the speed is concentrated on your iPhone or iPad. The result at the end of this measurement process will ultimately be one of the closest to the original.

All the ways you have to do it

Once you have taken into account all these relevant points in the general connection of your home, but also on your iPhone or iPad, it is time to take action. You should know that in this case you will be able to find two analysis methods: through apps and in a simple specialized website .

Making use of applications in the App Store

The App Store on iPhone and iPad is loaded with numerous apps that are geared toward taking a measurement. Without a doubt, it is one of the most comfortable methods that exist, since with a simple touch you will be able to carry out the measurement. We show you those that for us are the best and that we recommend.

speed test

Free tool to measure the speed and latency of the internet connection. Available on iPhone or iPad guaranteeing the best possible compatibility. It is compatible both with the data connection of the operator you have contracted, and with the Wi-Fi or wireless network connection. It allows you to analyze the rise and fall of your own speed, making you have a lot of information about it.

The latency of the network or ping is also an important aspect that you will have easy access to in this application. And if you want to check the results at all times, you can do it through the history. It has geolocation to be able to check the quality of the network in one of the areas through which you move.

speed test speed test Descargar QR-Code speed test Developer: ADSLZone group

Speed ​​Check Speed ​​Test

Service that will help you to test the speed of internet connections, finding the fastest Wi-Fi hotspots of all the world. It stands out above all that the tests are carried out quickly, easy and above all attractive. This is something that many applications cannot say, since sometimes it is a sin of having a rather sober style, but in this case it is the opposite.

Available to test upload and download speeds, in addition to pinging LTE networks and also Wifi. A worldwide network of high-speed servers is used for the most reliable results possible. The tests are done by pressing a simple button, and in less than 20 seconds you will have the complete result.

Speed ​​Check Speed ​​Test Speed ​​Check Speed ​​Test Descargar QR-Code Speed ​​Check Speed ​​Test Developer: Etrality GmbH

Accessing through your web browser

Another method that you will be able to find in this case is quite simple. What you will do is access via Safari to a specific web page and that it will carry out the speed test without downloading anything at all. Obviously, it may not be as comfortable as having an app downloaded on the iPhone or iPad. But in these cases it is also really interesting, since there are many means that exist to carry out this operation.

As we say, on the network you can find many web pages. They all have a similar operation, although in order to obtain a fairly reliable result, you have to detect those pages that have a large number of servers behind them. All of these have a fairly similar system, since you will have to access the web page in question and click on start the test. In a certain time for each of the services, it will have a certain duration. At the end it will show both the upload and the download of the network, and the ping that is really important.

Access Speed ​​Test

Tips to improve the speed obtained

Once you have the test result, it is analyzed. You should know that you will hardly get exactly what you have contracted , since the tests are being carried out through Wifi. This is something quite common in computers, especially where it is recommended to have a connection through Ethernet. This is something that cannot be applied on an iPhone or an iPad, and that is why you will always have a much more limited speed in the case of the wireless connection.

Likewise, if you get a fairly low result there are some tips that you can follow. The first thing is to update the operating system that is directly related to the management of the network chip, which offers internet access. Likewise, it is also relevant to do the test on other devices. In the event that there is a very low speed, it will be necessary to consider contacting the company or even changing the router.