How to make the 2018 income statement with your iPhone easily — 2022

On April 2, the Tax Agency began the 2018 income declaration campaign in Spain. Year after year they try to provide us with the way to declare all our taxes to the ministry and that is why in this campaign, like the previous year, some applications have been enabled in the App Store so that we can make our declaration with our own iPhone without any kind of problem, although you can also do your income statement on Android with the same application.

This application that you can download here is developed by the Spanish Ministry of Finance itself, and that is why it is totally reliable to carry out this type of procedure where we must enter numerous sensitive personal data.

Make the 2018 income tax return with your iPhone or iPad

Once we start this application we must register through the digital certificate on iPhonealthough we can also obtain the reference of our draft by entering our ID and the expiration date. Once we have this data we will have various interesting tools at our disposal when processing our draft and even ask for a date for a public official to make this presentation to us. It is important to note that in the same application we can have the data of several users, to be able to have, for example, all the drafts of a family unit in the same application.

Until April 2, when this campaign begins, we can only consult the declarations of previous years and also consult all our tax data. These data are the ones that will be included later in our draft and it is important that we review our payrolls and banks so that they correspond to reality, so we will prepare for the presentation of the draft.

Once the 2018 campaign begins, we can process our draft through the Draft/Declaration Processing tab. Here, just as if we were on a computer, we can go filling in and checking all the corresponding boxes with our tax data . The truth is that nothing is missing that we have in the web version, although it is more comfortable to do it with a computer or an iPad, the truth is. Speaking of the iPad, the application is fully adapted, although only with the device in portrait and not landscape.

If you do not like to process your tax return online, or because of your tax situation it is not recommended, through the application We can also request an appointment with our nearest delegation from April 1.

Once we have presented our draft, and with a bit of luck, we get a return from the application as well we can check the status of the return and it will also send us notifications with all the updates in this regard.

That is why if this year you have to file your income tax return, you can try to do it with your own iPhone or if not, keep track of all the processes through your iOS device. Without a doubt, little by little, the administration is digitizing itself to say goodbye to paper and the queues to be served, something that undoubtedly makes us happy.