How to know if you have an AirTag near you — 2022

One of the worries that all the people who know thewhat are air tagsand the functionality they have is the fact that another user uses them to try to follow or spy on them. Well, in this post we are going to tell you how you can know if you have an AirTag near you in order to avoid this.

So you will know if there is an AirTag nearby

Apple is one of the companies that cares more and better for the privacy of all users, and of course, when launching AirTags on the market, it had already thought about how to prevent these small locators from being used for an evil purpose, for which, obviously, they were not designed.

AirTag and backpack

To begin with, the first thing you need to know is that these devices they are not GPS locators that are sending a signal continuously, if that were the case they would have an infinitely higher price. The operation of the AirTag consists of send a small signal to other Apple devices that it has around so that these same ones are in charge of indicating the position of said AirTag on the map, that is, for this device to work, it first needs that there are as many other Apple devices around it. Another aspect that you have to know is that this signal is not being sent continuously, therefore, if someone tries to follow you and you are in continuous movement, it will be very difficult for them to reach you, because they will always be chasing a signal that, let's say somehow way, it's old.

However, in the event that someone has used one or more AirTags to try to keep you located at all times, you have to know that there are several ways to identify this fact and, of course, be able to act accordingly. Specifically, there are two methods in which, in addition, you will not have to do anything at all. We tell you below.

  • When an AirTag gets too close to an Apple device that isn't associated with the same Apple ID, the first thing it does is make a sound that will alert anyone who has it nearby.
  • Regardless of the brand of your smartphone, at the moment in which an AirTag is very close to a user who is not its owner and, in addition, it moves in the same direction and at the same moment as the AirTag, on your smartphone, whether it's an iPhone or not, a notification will appear to let you know that you have it with you.

What can you do with it?

Surely the question that many users ask themselves is, okay, once I have identified that I have an AirTag that is not mine, what can or should I do with it? Well, the moment your smartphone identifies said AirTag, contact information will also appear on the screen of the owner of said device. It is possible that this person has lost the AirTag or accidentally dropped it, so you will have the possibility to return it or even go to the police to deposit it as a lost object.

AirTag from behind

Now, if you identify that this AirTag that you carry with you has been introduced with the sole purpose of spying on you and following you, the only thing you have to do so that the device stops sending a signal is remove the battery that carries. To do this, simply press down on the battery cover and rotate it to the left.