How to Download YouTube Videos Without Jailbreak — 2022

Although YouTube does not allow the download of videos, today we will see a method that will allow you to do it. We only need one free app , and some tips. Needless to say we will no jailbreak , so we will not have to endanger the security of our device or of course, if your device does not have a version compatible with the tool that allows this process to be carried out.

Step 1

We must download documents from the App Store , is free and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Step 2

In the same YouTube application you look for the video of your interest and copy the link .

Step 3

We start the Documents application , we see that in the lower button panel we find an icon of a browser. We just slide it and we will find a Web navigator .

Step 4

There we will put some of the many pages that allow you to download videos and music from different web services:

For our example we will use ClipConverter .

By pasting the YouTube link, ClipConverter offers us different download alternatives. We choose the desired quality and give descargar .
At the bottom of the browser we will see the button downloads and we can control the process.

Once the video is downloaded, we will find it in the folder we chose for it.

How to transfer downloaded YouTube videos to camera roll

Once the video is downloaded, we can only view it in the Documents application . Although with a few more steps we can transfer it to our reel.

Previous steps

One of the characteristics that Documents has is that we can add different cloud storage services ademas de iCloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box).
First we must add a preferred service or use iCloud. For our case we will use iCloud Drive .

Step 1

Within the Documents application we go to the folder that contains the video and simply drag to the iCloud section .

Step 2

Now let's go to the iCloudDrive app and look for the folder Documents by Readdle . There inside we will find the video, in the button of info we will see the details of the file and finally below in the share button we can give save video .

As you can see, they are not extremely complex processes, but they are somewhat messy if we do not follow the steps. So if you liked it, do not forget to leave your comment and share this article on social networks.