How to download videos from Instagram on your iPhone easily and for free — 2022

Surely on more than one occasion you have asked yourself how to download instagram videos on your iphone and why the app itself doesn't allow it natively. The reason why Instagram does not incorporate such a function could be the protection of users and their privacy.

There are several ways to download content from Instagram, both from the stories that are uploaded to the profile and from the posts. In this post we bring you some options with which you can save that content on your iPhone.

How to Download Instagram Videos with IGSaver

IGSaver how to download videos from Instagram

IGSaver and how to download videos from instagram

One way to store videos of publications that you find on Instagram and save them in optimal quality is by downloading the application IGSaver, which is free although it will show you advertising. Once downloaded, follow these steps:

  1. Enter your user and password from Instagram. You will see that the application opens with an interface very similar to that of the official Instagram application.
  2. look for the video(or photo) you want to download. You can search for it from the TimeLine or by searching from the magnifying glass icon .
  3. Once selected the video that you want to download, advertising may appear that you can remove in a few seconds. There you will see several options such as being able to copy the text of the publication or share the video on your profile. What you should select is Save to gallery to start the video download and save it to your iPhone gallery.

It's as simple as you can have the publications you want on your iPhone . Of course, just like on Instagram you can only view content from private accounts if you follow them, through IGSaver you will also not be able to access content from private accounts to which you do not have access.

And what about Instagram stories?

Although you can find applications in the App Store that advertise that they can download the content of Instagram stories to your iPhone, the truth is that there is none that fully meets that description .

How to download videos from Instagram

Record iPhone Screen Another Option to Download Instagram Content

The Easiest way to download videos from Instagram story is recording iPhone screen. T perhaps the quality of the same username as the one who uploaded it but it is, today, the only way to capture that content. This is how you can do it:

  1. Open the Control center on your iPhone by swiping down from the top right on iPhone X and later, or swiping from the bottom up on iPhone 8 and earlier.
  2. Select the function of screen recording making sure that the microphone is deactivated and thus capture the audio of the video you want to record. If you want to check if you have disabled the microphone press and hold the Screen Recording button and you can see if it is disabled or not.
  3. Once you have started the recording you will see that the top bar of your iPhone has become Red color. In the case of iPhone X and later, it will be the time (upper left) that is in that color. Once you want to end the recording click on the red bar and you can finish the recording.
  4. Your recording will be saved in the gallery. If you want to shorten its duration or cut its dimensions, you can do so by entering the video editor inside the gallery.

FromThe bitten appleWe recommend that you use these functions responsibly and in moderation without forgetting the privacy that Instagram users deserve.