How to create a bootable disk with macOS Mojave — 2022

macOS Mojave has been available for all users for a few weeks with interesting news. After the tutorial we did where we explained how to perform a clean installation of this new operating system on your compatible Macs, in this new tutorial we are going to explain how to create a bootable disk with macOS Mojave to perform a clean install on your Mac with this option.

So you can create a bootable disk with macOS Mojave

As many of you know, what we do when creating a bootable disk is put the Mojave installer on a USB or external hard drive or to later boot our Mac from this external device that we will have previously formatted.

Once we make a backup of our hard drive, we must have a disk of at least 8 GB that we must format using the Disk Utility tool. The name that we will give to this disk can be any and in the format we must specify Mac OS Extended (Journaled).

After formatting the disk that we are going to use, we must download the installer via the Mac App Store. To do this, we access the application store and search for macOS Mojave and we will click Get to start the download, which will have a weight of just over 6 GB.

Once we have Mojave downloaded to our Mac and the disk that we are going to use is fully formatted and connected, We will go to Terminal and enter the following command:

sudo /Applications/Install macOS –volume /Volumes/NombreUSB –applicationpath /Applications/Install macOS

Simply you must replace USBName with the name that you have given to your disk previously . Once edited, we will press Enter and we will have to enter the password of our Mac. Keep in mind that you will not see that you are entering it, so do not make mistakes. Once entered, we will press Enter again and the process will begin, which will take several minutes to complete. This way you cancreate a bootable USB with Windows 10 on Mac.

Once we have our USB ready, we simply have to restart our computer by pressing the Command + R keys and in Disk Utility we will erase the main drive of our Mac to make it completely clean. Then we will simply restart the Mac with the USB connected and pressing the Option key so that our external drive appears and we will only select it and extract the Mojave installer from here. You can alsoboot mac from external drivewith those steps.

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