How to connect the Joy-Con and Nintendo Switch Pro controller on your Mac — 2022

Macs are more limited equipment to play, especially because of the small catalog, but that does not mean we do not have the right to use the controls of the consoles on our computers, including those of the Nintendo Switch . Yes, on Mac we can connect both an Xbox controller and a Play Station controller, but also the Joy Con of Nintendo, as well as its controller Pro , ideal for playingmotorcycle games compatible with mac. The latter is easier to connect and configure. The Joy-Con may disconnect from time to time having an experience little positive . At least in our case.

Link Nintendo Switch Joy-Con on Mac

To link the Joy Con , we simply have to press the central button that appears in the image above. Once pressed, the lights will begin to flash. This means that it is looking for a source to connect to.

If we go to Bluetooth preferences of our Mac , we will see how the Joy-Con appear. Once the connection is established, they will be ready to be used as one more game controller on our Mac.

It's that simple, although we recommend you download a free utility to map the buttons in case you have a conflict with some games. At the moment, we can't use both simultaneously , so we will have to choose the left or right.

Link Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to Mac

In the tests we have done, the controller Pro it is much easier to plug into the Mac, as well as being more stable compared to the Joy-Con.

To be able to link it, we have to press the button that we see in the image above. This button is used to search for a source to connect to (just like the Joy-Con). As in the previous case, we go to the Bluetooth preferences, we wait for our command to appear and then we click on Connect

Unlike the Joy-Con, in the Pro controller we have not found lag in the movements, offering a good feeling in the games we've tested. In the Joy-Con we have not had a very good experience.

Mapping utility for Nintendo Switch controllers

Despite the fact that the Joy-Con, like the Pro controller, simply have to be linked with the Mac's Bluetooth, we do recommend that you download Enjoy2 . A free utility that allows us to map the buttons and even change their place.

That is, if you want the B button to be the X because it is more comfortable for you for whatever reason. This utility is really useful, it works very well and it is also free . Of course, it is suitable for both controllers.

One of the best ways to test the controllers is with OpenEMU , of which you already We talk at Apple5x1 . OpenEMU allows you to play retro and arcade games on your Mac completely free of charge.

It is important It should be noted that older Macs could have conflicts with the type of Bluetooth that they incorporate when linking any of the remote controls. Nintendo Switch .

Download the free utility

What do you think about being able to connect the controls of the Switch on Mac? What game have you tried it with? Have you had any kind of problem when connecting them?