How to clear the cache of native apps in iOS — 2022

In this article we bring you a very interesting trick that It will allow us to clear the cache of native iOS applications on both iPhone and iPad.

Many of us believe that one of the weak points of the iPhone, and more in the latest model of this device, the iPhone 6s, is the little storage capacity you have , at least on the base model. This leads us, on many occasions, to inconvenience due to not having enough space, or because many times we take it to the limit of its capacity and we cannot make all the videos or photos that we would like. Fortunately, there are some solutions to this problem, although they can never be a definitive solution. One of these solutions are the tricks that we discussed a few days ago in this post to free up RAM on our device. Another solution is to resort to applications that are responsible for optimizing memory and removing junk files. And another solution is the one we present in this article.

A more comfortable way to delete data and cache

It is a very simple trick and at the same time very specific, since we will use it to delete the cache of the native applications of our iOS device. It can be very interesting, especially for those of us who frequently use native applications, such as Podcast or Music.

The process is as follows: to start, we must open the App Store. Once here, we will look at the icons on the bottom bar, that is, the icons corresponding to the Featured, Successes, Explore, Search or Updates menus. The next step will be to press ten times in a row on one of these icons. You will see that the tenth time we press, the App Store restarts and the content of the native applications is reloaded, yes, deleting the cache. Later you can go to Settings and check that storage space has been freed, although it all depends on whether you use native iOS applications a lot or little.

Other Methods to Clear App Cache on iOS

Obviously, there are other methods to clear the cache of any application, although the operating system does not allow it natively. To do this, one option is to uninstall and re-download the application from which we want to delete the junk files. Another possibility, for those who have their device jailbroken, is to resort to applications found in Cydia, among which are CacheClearer , which allows us, once installed, to clear the cache of each application from the Settings menu of the iPad or iPhone. And yes, it is free.

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