How to change the Safari browser on macOS or iOS — 2022

Every time we perform a search on Safari , automatically offers us the results of Google, since it comes by default in iOS and macOS. But we can change it easily. It is true that Google it has a dominant position in terms of searches, its engine works quite well, but maybe, sometimes, we need or just want to use another one for whatever reason. Among the options offered by Safari, we can use (in addition to Safari), Yahoo, Bing o DuckDuckGo . Each one has some features that make them interesting depending on the type of searches we want to perform.

Change the browser in Safari for macOS

Well, to select another browser and leave it as default, Apple It offers us several options within macOS. In order to change the search engine, we simply have to perform the following steps:

  1. Get in preferences de Safari
  2. Select the icon Search
  3. To select Seeker
  4. Choosethe desired

It's that simple. From now on, all your searches will be done with the search engine you have chosen. If you also want include suggestions by the search engine, you can check the box that appears just below the search engine you have selected.

Change the browser in iOS

To carry out this process, it is quite similar to that of macOS, where we have the same search engines to select. By default, it will appear Google . Follow the steps below to change the default browser:

  1. Go into Settings
  2. go to Safari
  3. Within Safari, tap Seeker
  4. Choosethe desired option

Done, you already have it changed. Now, every time you perform a search, you will exclusively use the chosen option. As in macOS, they offer us a series of additional settings , such as suggestions from the search engine, from the browser itself, fast web search or better preloading the result. All this is optional and to the taste of each user.

If you want to know why Google is the default option in Safari , you can read it in this additional post, where we tell you the reasons and why it is a double-edged sword for Apple . Remember that you can alsotranslate a website in Safari without third-party appsor through the extensions of Apple's own browser. And if Safari doesn't convince you, you can alwayschange default browser on iPhone.

What search engine do you normally use?