How to activate the Dashboard on your Mac with macOS Mojave — 2022

Do you remember the Dashboard window that our Macs incorporate when we slide the trackpad to the left? Surely there are many of you who don't even know what that window is that you just discovered, but others you have missed it since after the update to macOS Mojave to most users it appeared by default as disabled.

So you can activate Dashboard from the Settings of your Mac

Despite the fact that we hardly use this functionality, there were many readers who asked us if Apple had decided to permanently bury this window with the latest version of macOS, since if you scrolled to the left with the trackpad The Dashboard did not appear.

The truth is that Apple still keeps this window, although haven't updated it for several years . What seems to have happened is that for many of you, after updating to macOS Mojave, it has been deactivated and we still don't know the reason.

If you want to continue using the Dashboard on your Mac, you simply have to go to Settings > Mission Control > Dashboard . In the dropdown that we find we select the option As a space, and everything will have returned to normal.

We think that Apple will end up abandoning this functionality in the future basically because they haven't updated it for quite a few software versions and it has already been left with an interface that for us it is quite poor and outdated . Although, without a doubt, there is a group of users who continue to use it since they can have certain lists at hand, such as the weather, the calculator or the status of their investments in the stock market. In addition, in the Dashboard you can enjoy differentcalculator for macthat they are scientific.

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