How to Activate Easy Reach Mode on iPhone X — 2022

The modeeasy reach of iPhone(Reachability) is the solution that Apple offered when it launched its first 5.5″ terminal to reach all the screen options. Thanks to this function, we can use our iPhone Plus with one hand , on the iPhone X this option is still present. Activating it is really simple, yes, it comes a little more hidden than on other occasions. If you have problems, for example, activating the control center , this function will be really useful for you.

Activating easy reach is that simple

  1. We came in Settings
  2. Click on General
  3. Now let's go Accessibility
  4. We mark easy reach

Now we have it activated . If we need to access the top of the screen, we simply have to slide finger from bottom to bottom. Automatically the screen will lower so you can perform the action.

The new iPhone X has a 5.8″ diagonal screen, so many users may have difficulty reaching the edge of the iPhone X with one hand, so activating the easy reach mode is a great idea. solution for this problem.

On all other iPhones, this action is performed by lightly pressing the home button a few times , so we get the same effect so that the screen goes down to the middle of the device.

Now you know how to activate the mode easy reach in a really easy way to enjoy this handy iOS feature in the new iPhone X.

What do you think of this option? Did you frequently use it on your iPhone Plus?