How smart are you? This apps will help you find out — 2022

Everyone wants to know exactly if they are gifted or average when it comes to intelligence. If you don't want to go to a specialist but are just curious to know this information, there are applications to install on your iPhone to do so.

How is the IQ index measured?

Measuring intelligence can be a real challenge since it is not something tangible or that can be measured with a meter or any other device. That is why an intelligence test was created in 1912 to determine how intelligent a person is. Specifically, these tests try to calculate the mental age in order to obtain the final result by dividing it by the real age of the person who is doing the test. That is why in adults it makes no sense to carry out these tests as they cannot make a meaningful division.

Can you trust the intelligence tests with the iPhone?

The vast majority of the applications presented here have been developed with qualified psychologists and psychiatrists. That is why the tests that are being proposed are quite logical and are the ones that can be found in the different tests that these professionals do professionally.

What is obvious is that it will not have a specific validation that guarantees that you have intelligence above the limits. If so, and it is the case that you are gifted, the tests must be carried out in person in front of a psychiatrist or psychologist so that they have as much validity as possible.

The most reliable applications to know how smart you are

IQ intelligence test

IQ Test

If you have questions about your IQ this is the application you should have installed on your iPhone. You will get the result with a number that goes from 50 to 160 and you will also be able to know your intellectual age. This is achieved through a series of challenges that are put on the screen that act as different logical tests. A system is used that is perfectly verified and by which a certificate can be obtained. You can also challenge other friends or family to see who has a higher IQ.

IQ intelligence test IQ intelligence test Descargar QR-Code IQ intelligence test Developer: Games for Friends LLC

Classic IQ Test

IQ test

This application has a highly accurate test that has been developed by experts. Both the classic test and the mensa test have a maximum duration of 30 minutes and at the end you can obtain a certificate so that you can have clear information about your result.

Classic IQ Test Classic IQ Test Descargar QR-Code Classic IQ Test Developer: Pop-Hub Limited

IQ Test: The Intelligence Quiz

IQ Test The Intelligence Quiz

This application is completely in English but you can easily understand the different challenges that it puts ahead of you. At the end you will be able to see all the answers that you have guessed correctly, the time you have spent and your IQ score, seeing if you are above the average or not.

IQ Test: The Intelligence Quiz IQ Test: The Intelligence Quiz Descargar QR-Code IQ Test: The Intelligence Quiz Developer: Paul Stelzer

IQ Test – What’s my IQ?

IQ Test what is

With two tests that have 39 and 33 questions you can have information about your intellectual quotient or IQ. The most remarkable thing about this application is undoubtedly the good aesthetics that it has that makes the response much more pleasant to also have an entertaining time while you are working on it.

IQ Test - What IQ Test - What Descargar QR-Code IQ Test - What's my IQ? Developer: Santiago Romani Castroman

The IQ Test: Lite Edition

The IQ Test

Test your brain without the need to have prior knowledge to take into account. You will have at your disposal a total of 50 questions that you will solve through logic since they consist of simple puzzles or combinations of images on which you must answer a question with all the logic.

The IQ Test : Lite Edition The IQ Test : Lite Edition Descargar QR-Code The IQ Test : Lite Edition Developer: Webrich Software Limited

IQ Test- Intelligence Test

IQ Test Intelligence

This test consists of 39 questions with a total duration of approximately 45 minutes. The first questions are relatively simple and easy to understand, but the difficulty increases, having to think a lot about the answer you are going to give.

IQ Test - Intelligence Test IQ Test - Intelligence Test Descargar QR-Code IQ Test - Intelligence Test Developer: Bekir Dursun

Intelligence test

Intelligence test

With a very simple interface, you will face different very interesting challenges to be able to determine your intelligence in a clear graph. This graph can be seen as a Gaussian curve. In this way it will be possible to determine if you are within the average or you are out of it.

Intelligence test Intelligence test Descargar QR-Code Intelligence test Developer: Horea Bucerzan

Apps to laugh with your friends at how silly they are

Beyond the typical tests that are more serious when it comes to measuring your intelligence, there are also others that are not so official. You are meant to be played with your friends in order to determine exactly which one is the dumbest.



The questions that are manifested in this application are not accepted to be treated as a calculation of Qi as can be assumed from the name of the application. That is why this is very suitable for use with several friends and spend an entertaining afternoon answering different questions that can be a real challenge.

Tontometer: tool to measure your intelligence Tontometer: tool to measure your intelligence Descargar QR-Code Tontometer: tool to measure your intelligence Developer: Newry Global Media SLU

Stupid Test

Stupid Test

Over 100 questions that are more than obvious in every way to anyone who has even gone to college. Some are of the type 'how many months have 28 days in the year'. This means that in the end you can have a result of whether you are a little stupid or very stupid, being the opposite of what we have previously commented on.

Stupid Test! Stupid Test! Descargar QR-Code Stupid Test! Developer: Leigh Be