How much does it cost to repair an iPhone with a broken back cover? — 2022

We are not going to fool ourselves, no matter how careful we are with the iPhone, accidents are always present and a simple blow or fall from a not very high height could break its back. Despite their good materials, in the end they are not indestructible devices, but luckily they are repairable. Keep reading if the back cover of your iPhone has been broken and you want to change it so that it looks like new, since we will tell you how this process is carried out.

iPhone case change at Apple

If the scratches on your iPhone can't be buffed out in any way or the back is completely broken, it's clear that you need to completely replace the case. The best place to do it is at Apple, since they have original materials and tools to carry out the repair. If the iPhone is also under warranty, going to them is always the most recommended.

The same process is not always carried out

Although it may be thought that Apple will only change the back, the truth is that this process ultimately depends on several factors. If the blows that your iPhone has have affected the cameras or another component, it is very likely that these elements will also have to be changed. This is a process that we do not know if it is really carried out, since it ends up being more tedious both for Apple itself and for the user, so sometimes what is done is deliver a refurbished device and whose operation is guaranteed, so for practical purposes it is as if it were new.

The reason that this is more tedious is that in the end changing several components of a single device or waiting to have stock can lengthen the time too much. It is unknown exactly if the broken iPhone that you deliver in exchange for the refurbished one is then used for dismantling and keeping the components in good condition, something more than likely considering that there are terminals that are no longer manufactured and the parts are not abundant either.

refurbished iphone

repair price

The amount of this repair is that associated with other repairs by Apple, taking into account that in the end they change the entire device in most cases. According to the company's current price list, this is what you will have to pay:

  • iPhone 5s: €307.10
  • iPhone 6: €331.10
  • iPhone 6 Plus: €361.10
  • iPhone 6s: €331.10
  • iPhone 6s Plus: €361.10
  • iPhone SE (1st generation): €307.10
  • iPhone 7: €347.10
  • iPhone 7 Plus: €381.10
  • iPhone 8: €381.10
  • iPhone 8 Plus: €431.10
  • iPhone X: €591.10
  • iPhone XS: €591.10
  • iPhone XS Max: €641.10
  • iPhone XR: €431.10
  • iPhone 11: €431.10
  • iPhone 11 Pro: €591.10
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max: €641.10
  • iPhone SE (2nd generation): €307.10
  • iPhone 12 mini: €431.10
  • iPhone 12: 477.10 euros
  • iPhone 12 Pro: €591.10
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max: €641.10
  • iPhone SE (3rd generation): €357.10
  • iPhone 13 mini: €431.10
  • iPhone 13: €477.10
  • iPhone 13 Pro: €591.10
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max: €641.10

iPhone models that Apple no longer repairs

If you have an older iPhone than those seen above, we are sorry to tell you that officially they are no longer repaired . Apple considers these to be obsolete products because, in addition to no longer receiving software updates, they also no longer have original parts with which to perform repairs. In these cases, Apple only offers to recycle them, something that may not interest you if you want to keep the phone despite everything.

The iPhone models in question that are no longer repaired by Apple today are these:

  • iPhone (original)
  • iPhone 3G
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4s
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5c

With AppleCare + it is cheaper

The Californian company offers a service called AppleCare + that acts as an extended warranty. This can be contracted at the time of purchase or within 60 days after purchase. Among its advantages is that some of the repairs are free, while others cost much less than usual. If you have an iPhone that is covered with this type of insurance, when you go to the appointment at the Apple Store they will inform you. As you can see now, the price of this service is not very high and, without a doubt, if you contract it and have the need to use it, you will be very happy the day you made the decision to pay to insure your device, be it your iPhone or any other Apple product.

The price in these cases is 99 euros. And yes, we give this single price because there is no more. Regardless of the model of iPhone you have is what Apple will charge you to give you a replacement of yours. Now, you must make sure that you are within the 24-month period covered by this guarantee, since otherwise the cost you must pay is the one mentioned above, since AppleCare+ will no longer cover your phone. In addition, you have to keep in mind that Apple now also gives all buyers of one of its products the possibility of contracting this warranty service without having to pay it all at once, but you can choose to pay it monthly so that it is much more affordable.

How to make an appointment to repair it

This repair must be carried out in person, although it is also possible to request that the iPhone be picked up at your home through a courier service and that it be returned to you later once the repair is done. In the latter case there could be an additional cost of 12.10 euros for shipping costs, in addition, you also have to take into account that if you opt for this second option, surely the time you have to be without your iPhone will be much longer , while if you do it in person, it is very possible that on the same day you deliver your iPhone for repair, you can take it back like new without any problem, although this will also depend on the type of repair that is carried out. have to do it. In any case, also when making an appointment at an Apple Store, you must use one of the following means of contacting the company:

apple support apple support Descargar QR-Code apple support Developer: Apple

Without a doubt, the simplest and, above all, the most convenient way to make an appointment with a specialist so that they can carry out the analysis of the device and its subsequent repair is through the Apple Support app. In it, you will only have to give a few brief indications and in a matter of a few seconds you will already have the possibility of choosing any method to carry out the repair.

Other ways to repair outside of Apple

If you're not happy with the idea of ​​repairing it at Apple, whether it's because of cost or anything else, there are other ways to get it repaired outside of Apple, and they might even work for free too. In the following sections we will tell you more details about this, but we have already warned you that some of them are not entirely recommended, especially because of the guarantee that your iPhone is in perfect condition.

Your home insurance might cover it

If the device has been broken by a blow or fall in your home and you have a home insurance policy, it is possible that the damage to the iPhone may be covered by it. It is recommended that you review the conditions of your contract, since it will appear there if this type of accident is covered and how you should communicate it and proceed so that the device can be repaired.

The conditions can vary a lot depending on the type of insurance and company. In some cases, the companies have a technical service in charge of repairing the device, in others they serve as intermediaries to take it to Apple. Although in the end the most common thing is that they review your case and make sure that it meets the conditions and you are the one who goes to Apple to repair it, having to give them the invoice for said repair later so that they pay you the cost.

home insurance

Own third-party insurance is also valid

If when you bought your iPhone you purchased insurance with a company other than Apple, it is also possible that this type of damage is covered by it. Whether you are still sure of the store where you bought the phone or any other that can be contracted later, it is very likely that they can take care of it. Therefore, we recommend that you contact them to explain the situation of your device and that they tell you what you must do to report it and obtain a repair or, failing that, a replacement of the phone.

In this case we refer to the same commented for home insurance, given that in the end there may be several procedures that are carried out. There may even be the situation that it is something similar to AppleCare + and that the repair is not free, but you have to pay a small part in the form of an excess. Be that as it may, we insist that you consult it in a particular way because there is no single rule for it.

Can it be repaired for less money?

If you go to a SAT , acronym in English for Authorized Technical Service, you will find the same guarantees as in Apple in terms of original parts and guarantees. In fact for practical purposes it is like going to an Apple Store because they are establishments that act on behalf of Apple. The price could vary, being able to find us in many cases with costs lower than those of Apple. However, there is no standard, so it is best to consult each SAT individually.

And regarding the unauthorized services , which are those stores without Apple certification, may be more attractive because they offer much more affordable prices than Apple's. This could be very tempting a priori, but you must bear in mind that you would lose the warranty with Apple if you had it and that it is also not guaranteed that the parts to be used are original. It should also be borne in mind that these establishments do not usually have the most precise knowledge about iPhones, so any other problem that could arise from this repair could be fatal. If in spite of everything you decide to take it to a service of this type, it is recommended that you previously consult all the details of the guarantee that they offer you after the repair, although from the writing team of La Manzana Mordida we do not recommend you go to this type of service since it is much more advisable to use one that ensures both the integrity of your device and its subsequent guarantee.

Buy the case on your own

Another interesting option that may come to mind in these cases is that you yourself replace the defective part with a new one. This is possible, although you should know some things beforehand, as we tell you in the following sections.

iphone case

Advantages and negative points to consider

In the end this is the option cheaper , since you will only be in charge of the material and the labor will be your own. In a way it can even be fun to mess around with the iPhone. However, you must bear in mind that, as with unauthorized services, you will lose the warranty with Apple if you had it. It could also be dangerous in a certain way if you are not very skilled or have never done something like it before, since you could render the phone unusable if during the replacement of the part you break or disable any of the components that are part of the iPhone.

The material will be of lower quality

Another aspect to keep in mind is that the material you can buy to do this is not original. Official iPhone backs are distributed only to authorized service providers and Apple technicians. Although it can be a very good imitation and even sold as an original, you will not really find these components and to a certain extent it could be even a worse experience in terms of texture, resistance and even in the temperature management of the phone.

where can i get a casing

In stores specializing in this type of parts, it is possible to find iPhone back parts. In other stores like Amazon, you can also find these accessories in different colors so that they look like your iPhone originally, with the advantage that in most cases it comes with a screwdriver and other tools designed to carry out this process more easily.

Buy iPhone back