How many people watch Apple TV+ in Spain? — 2022

The big streaming platforms make little show of their audiences. In fact, they often offer misleading data or directly speak only of internal rankings of what is the most viewed. That is why it is always interesting to go to studies in which the real behavior of the audience in front of them is observed. the last of JustWatch refers to last quarter of 2021.

Apple TV +, still far from its competition

In those months of October, November and December, the streaming platforms in Spain have suffered significant falls. It is the case of Netflix Y Movistar+ , which fell by 3%, something that to a lesser extent also suffered Amazon Prime Video with 1%. In Disney+ yes, there was a growth of 1%. In fact, it reflects the trend of the year very well, given that those that have declined in the last quarter have already been falling since January, while Disney + is based on growth since its arrival in 2019.

Regarding the Apple platform, we observe that had the best quarter of the year , probably fueled by expected premieres such as Fundación or the second season of The Morning Show. However, it does not seem to serve Californians to grow in viewers compared to the competition, being the last of the big ones with a 3% market share.

Thus, the ranking of that fourth quarter of 2021 was like this in Spain:

  1. Netflix: 23%
  2. Amazon Prime Video: 21%
  3. Disney+: 15%
  4. HBO Max: 13%
  5. Your movie: 6%
  6. Movistar+: 5%
  7. Apple TV+:3%
  8. Rest: 14%

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Seeing this data, the exact number of viewers on the platforms has not been revealed, something that in the end only they know. In any case, it is more than enough to see that the Apple platform is not exactly the favorite of the Spanish public. There are other smaller ones below it, but according to the budget they handle, it is too weak a figure and, at least initially, it does not invite other users toregister.

A problem of, lack of promotion?

There are many analyzes that have been done about the reasons why Apple TV + fails to approach its competition. There are also several sources that affirm that Apple does not care too much about these figures because it pursues other objectives such as feeding its own ecosystem. However, it seems strange that they invest millions of dollars in the production of content for a service that they simply see as an extra.

One of the most important reasons that we observe is the absence of promotion beyond official Apple channels. And even more so when we observe that Netflix, Disney+ or HBO Max invest large amounts in promoting their content on television or outdoor advertising. It is true that Apple TV + does not have so many years on the market or a similar amount of content to that of these, but its catalog is increasingly being nurtured and it treasures excellent productions. In fact, some like Ted Lasso or The Morning Show have been very positively valued by critics and have received important awards.

Be that as it may, although this analysis gives for a broader one, it is clear that Apple TV + is stagnating. From the company they have not made statements regarding these latest studies, something already common on other occasions. Therefore, we are left with the question of what they really think in Cupertino about it.