How many hours of Netflix can an iPhone 12 battery last? — 2022

Normally we always associate streaming platforms with watching them quietly from the sofa or bed on television or even the computer. However, the mobile is one of the devices from which the most content is consumed. Netflix and other services. And if you have a iPhone 12 or you are thinking of buying one, you may be interested in knowing how long the battery consuming its content.

The benefits of the iPhone 12 for streaming

We first highlight the compact size of this Apple mobile and, above all, its light weight . If you are used to other devices of similar or larger sizes, you will be surprised how little it weighs. And this is a real benefit when it comes to consuming content with your mobile in your hand, since it won't tire you as much and it's comfortable to enjoy while on public transport or lying on a sofa.

In addition, the device has a 6.1-inch OLED-panel that offers spectacular quality with which to enjoy the huge Netflix catalog at the highest resolution. Of course, it is not the largest iPhone and it may not be the most comfortable in the world, but if it is for sporadic use and you are also used to viewing content from your mobile, it is a success.

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Battery consumption watching Netflix

Regarding this field, which is at the end of this post, we must tell you that there are several shades . when we did thebattery comparison between iPhone 12 and 13We checked, among other things, how these terminals performed in intensive use with streaming content playback as one of the most demanding tasks. And it is that, from the start we knew that this is one of the actions that consume the most battery.

Therefore, starting from this base that the iPhone 12 will consume more battery watching Netflix than, for example, browsing social networks, you can already get an idea that it is not quite perfect. Now, to what extent can this affect you? As always it will depend on the other use what do you do with it If for part of the day you consume Netflix and the rest of the time, the iPhone is a simple companion, you should have no problem getting to the end of the day with sufficient battery.

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Now, if you watch Netflix for many hours or combine this with other actions on the iPhone, whatever they may be, it would be recommended that you carry oneExtreme batteryabove. According to data from Apple itself, this iPhone 12 lasts up to 11 hours uninterrupted streaming playback. However, based on our own tests, we can tell you that it will be less. And if the iPhone has already suffered battery wear, the difference will be even greater.

Therefore, and by way of conclusion , tell you that the iPhone 12 is an excellent mobile to watch Netflix, but not very intensively if you want to maintain a good battery level until the end of the day. Other higher capacity alternatives such as the 'Pro Max' models could offer you a better experience in this area. Although of course, we understand that you will not only buy a device to watch Netflix. Or if?