How long until the new iPad Pro launches? — 2022

Except in 2019, every year we have had iPad Pro since this range was initially presented in 2015. And this 2022 was not going to be a new exception. And we do not say it by intuition, but because all the sources close to Apple have been confirming it for several months. The big question, as always, is knowing the exact date they will meet.

Despite the fact that Apple will already have more than defined the term, the specific date on which they will be, first presented, and then launched on the market, has not yet transpired. However, and in light of rumors about other devices, we can already get an idea of ​​how long we will have to wait to meet them.

presentation format

Although it is true that in the end it does not matter how these teams present themselves, we cannot ignore that it is always something interesting and that it can promptly determine whether they present themselves sooner or later. Is practically ruled out that it is by press release as happened for example with those of the year 2020. Therefore, everything indicates that it will be done in a special event along with other presentations.

ipad pro 2021 presentation

Introducing iPad Pro 2021 with Raja Bose, iPad Section Leader

And focusing on that keynote, the question of its format appears. Apple is a company that is used to making face-to-face presentations, but the pandemic changed its plans and since September 2019 we have not had a keynote in this format again. Counting developer conferences, we've already had 8 telematic events And although it seems that the health situation is improving, we do not know if Apple considers it enough to return to the classic format.

And, what dates are considered?

The spring of the northern hemisphere is the time marked by various analysts, with Mark Gurman as the most reputable man at the head of this information. Within these and knowing the proximity of an event in May to that of the WWDC in June, everything would indicate that in March or April We will have news about it.

However, the presentation date is not always linked to the launch date. Depending on how advanced manufacturing is and the number of units available, the company could choose to open its reservations at the moment, do it after a few days or even not confirm exact dates and that they could be launched in the following weeks.

Your possible news

It must be said that, as happened with previous generations, they aim to be very continuous compared to what we have already seen. Although this does not mean that they will not bring interesting news such as a chip M2 which would continue to reinforce the idea that these computers are intended for professional use and even replace a Mac on many occasions.

ipad pro 2022 concept

In the aesthetic field it is commented that there could be some slight design change which, however, has not been finalized and raises many doubts. Although the reduction of the front bezels could be one of them. More interesting seems the possibility of having reversible load on the back to be able to recharge devices such as iPhone or AirPods, although in recent weeks some technical problems have been known in this regard, since it would mean that this back was made of glass instead of aluminum and this would make them extremely fragile tablets.

There are also other doubts on the table around the pantalla miniLED . This will continue to be present in the 12.9-inch model as it did in the 2021 model, but it remains to be seen if the company will finally have achieved a sufficient supply of panels so that the 11-inch model can incorporate it now. Otherwise, they would continue with IPS-LCD panels, which, despite being of good quality, are ultimately inferior to miniLED.

Beyond this, little else is known. It may well be because they are not going to bring many more changes or because they have not been known, so the field of surprise is still open and we will be waiting for new reports that continue to clarify everything.